Buying an oil rig today, need some help

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  1. So I have a couple questions.

    #1 what can I get for 200 or less? My LHS only deals with good glad so name brands don't matter too much to me.

    #2 what type of nail is better? Domeless or with a dome? I'm going with TI for sure.

    #3 what is the best method of seasoning my new nail? I've seen some people do it water, this worries me as quick cooling messes with a metals structure. But I don't have a lot of wax so I don't want to waste it.

    Any helpful input is appreciated.

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  2. get a smaller sized rig definitely, thick glass like 5mm at least. Ti nail is where its at and dome less or not is all just preference  Dont go for too many percs just a showerhead or circ is fine. But just find a smaller nice rig and tell him to put water in it and try and rip it.
  3. Good advice man, definitely want something small cause I hear it taste better that way. I don't think my LHS will do that.

    I was thinking of something with out any percs. Is that not recommended?

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  4. get a diffused downstem then
  5. Using water is NOT seasoning.
  6. That's what I thought. Intact that will ruin the nail.

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  7. Get a a C2 custom creation rig. They are sick and not too pricey
  8. What is a good torch for a 14mm nail?

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  9. Bed bath and beyong.. Or creme brulé torch. Both are the same thing. There made by vector except not ever priced since there meant for cooking. Amazon has em for $25. Or bed bath and beyond for 30 good thing is if anything goes wrong if you basking it from bed bath and beyond they'll exchange it no questions asked
  10. The Vector torch seems to be the preference to many it's simple, but still adjustable.
  11. i like benzomatic + propane for at home use.  $3 for months of fuel.
    The bigshot blazer 8000gt gets alot of love for a  handheld.
  12. I was looking at the gt8000, how much noise do they make?

    I have a cheap one but it's pretty crappy

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  13. the one from bed bath and beyond is like a vector i love that mf heats up way way faster then propane
  14. At the risk of learning something, it is my understanding that propane is about 1000 degrees hotter than butane, so the only way you are getting a butane torch to heat something faster than a propane torch is by using at least one of them incorrectly. *shrug?

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