Buying an LED probably tonight, online, looking for reviews

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by nonfiction, Mar 9, 2016.

  1. and opinions!

    Im thinking Sara with Mars Hydro LED is gonna get the sale to be honest, mars hydro seems so fucking awesome, any one have anything comparable? which model should i get? i have a 1000w hps bulb thats currently used for flowering, i was thinking of buying an led that will grow plants from seed to tent height, thinking around 3x3 coverage maybe 2x4 coverage, something like that, but my flower tent is 4x4 so if the money is similar i could get one bigger led that i can use for both (hps when i need two growspaces and just led when not)

    don't want to spend over a grand canadian... if possible >.< mars 400 led seems great? could pick up a few for that price if they work out? is there any other alternatives?
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  2. thinking mars 2 700 or maybe a mars pro 160 led?
  3. mars 2 700 gives me 3x3 coverage, which my second tent is... but am i gonna get a much better light if i buy the new series with remote?
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  4. for your 3x3 tent better use Mars II 700 nonfiction:) only for your reference though
  5. I got the 900!

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  6. Are the led strips any good for small indoor tent grow ?

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  7. Idk but I'm so happy with the shipping time, the quality of build and the looks of this Mars II!

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  8. The light has arrived and found itself at home in a tent!

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  9. that would be better for penetration Good one:thumbsup:
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  10. I've tried a bunch of different LED's and I would say if you go LED, make the investment in good quality panels. I would suggest either Advanced LED XTE or Budmaster COB or GOD series... they are more pricey, but use better chips than cheaper brands, which will last up to 2x longer with less light loss over time.
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  11. I'd look into cre or vero cobs by Tasty, Heavenbright, Johnson or PLC.
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  12. You should of saved up more money and invested in a better light. I have a mars 2. Was great for about a year. Then one fan started making noise, then 3 fans making noise. Then one fan stopped. And that after a diode went out and the blues started to dim. One blue is dimmed to point I'm surpised it's still lit. So I contacted about warranty. And was assured replacment parts were on their way. After being promised replacements parts, I just have gotten a few "sorry, I will handle it" emails, a tracking number that delivered something somewhere else in a city I don't even live in, I have given up. Light is garbage. I used said light for 5 harvests. And stored in original box with original packaging, in a safe location when not in use. It has been now over 3 months that I have been waiting and given the run around over. And I bought this light when they had a 3 year warranty. And I was one of the ones that pimped this light very strongly in the beginning here on grasscity. I helped covince a lot of people this was a great light that ultimately made a purchase. And I get the stiffed in the end. I plugged the light in so you can see dead diodes and dimming red and blues. Sad. [​IMG]

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  13. This is another reason I haven't been convinced to make the move to led. You hear how long they last but you read about this type of stuff happening pretty often. A HPS bulb may only grow me 30 lbs before needing replacing but I know exactly how to replace it. No wiring, boards, fans to fix.
  14. Could you suggest a good HPS bulb? I have a 10 plant 60x60x80 Apollo tent set up in my spare room, I'm flowering my afghani bullrider seeds in their lil dome under my 448 watt T5's until they're ready to flower, I'm looking for 1k watts, just don't know of any good brands for HPS.

    Unless someone has a really good LED brand because I heard LED's produce more lumens than HPS.
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    I use Hortilux Super HPS bulbs. I believe they are on sale for 57$ at right now. The only LED brand I think I would use would be Black Dog LED. I just recently read a side by side comparison with 1000watt HPS and their 800watt LED which gives the same light as a 1000watt and they did perform better. The biggest selling point was yield increase. Which is according to the article you can average around .45 grams per watt with the HPS and .72 with the Black Dog LED That is of course in 100% perfect growing conditions. The LED cost around 2,339$.
    I have zero experience with LED so this is all based off information I have read. I'm just hesitant of spending that much money and ending up being able to get the same results which I know are tried and true with HID lighting. With my growing skill I feel I wouldn't be able to get much better results if any.
  16. truly sorry for this nuker, will update tracking number for you tomorrow. my sincere apologies
  17. Hi nuker I PMed the tracking number this morning could you please check it? thanks and sorry again

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