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  1. I'm getting a mazar seed, along with some fox farm ocean forest potting soil. I'll be running two 26w 65k and three 27k 42w cfls. I plan to run the SCRog method and veg for 3 weeks, then into flowering...anyone have any advice? This will be my first grow:D I'll try to get a grow journal going once my set-up is ready
  2. More day light 6500K bulbs and fewer soft white 2700K bulbs. 6500K corresponds with a wavelength the plant can turn into energy. The 2700K corresponding wavelength results in very little useable energy to a plant.

    The blue/white bulbs have lots of Photosythetically Active Radiation (PAR). The Orange/Red bulbs have very low levels of PAR.

    I suggest you use one 26w 6500K bulb for every 3 inches the plant is tall. When you want to begin flowering add two of the 2700K bulbs, but don't remove any of the 6500K bulbs.

    Skip out on the grow journal. I know this is exciting and all, but wait until you have a few grows done. Too many journals around here if you know what I mean. A journal should be a completed grow, start to finish, for another grower to review. "Works in Progress" are generally ill-received and don't get the attention you'll be hoping for. When you have a question please feel free to ask it, but don't feel like you have to have a journal to get the advice you'll need.

    Resist the urges to show off. That mentality is going to get you caught eventually.

    With the plant I just hope you understand that from a single seed much can be had, or nothing can be had. The seed might not even hatch. The seed my produce a male or hermaphroditic (boy/girl) plant. Putting all your hopes and dreams in a single seed is really setting yourself up for disaster. Only one out of 4 people in your situation will get a harvest, and only 1 of 4 of those harvests would be heavy. So your odds of a successful heavy harvest are about 1 out of 16. To increase your odds all you'll need to do is alter your seed count/type. Running 4 feminized seeds would increase your odds for a heavy harvest to closer to 75%. Just running 2 seeds would double your odds, so you really should be adding in another bean.

    Scrogging requires additional time. 3 weeks of vegetative life is not enough time to scrog. Generally speaking 3 weeks is about the time you could place the plant beneath the scrog, but another 10 to 12 days is required to fill the screen. Setting up an 18"x18" scrog takes 40 to 50 days depending on strain and method. Soil is the slowest growing method available to you, so your 21 days veg won't be cutting it there.

    My advice is this then:
    You need at least 4 seeds, feminized if possible.
    Increase the available 6500K lighting.
    Use 1 part perlite for every 3 parts Ocean Forest to increase drainage and aeration.
    Start your plants in party cups and transplant directly to 5 gallon smart pots to begin scrog around day 25.
    Don't underestimate ventilation and circulation. You need a gentle breeze present at all times and air is as important as light and water (plant fiber is 80% carbon which is taken from the air).
    Get yourself an accurate pH meter. Spend the $40, it is 100% worth it to not lose your harvest to bad pH levels (VERY common among new growers).

    Learn as you go. Avoid

  3. Damn man. You really fucking helped me...+rep
    Should I use LST instead? I'm really trying to do a stealth grow, and I'll be growing in a plastic tote box, closed. After your advice, would it be ideal to run 5 6500k cfls (26w) and 2 or 3 2700k (23 or 26w) for 4 seeds? Again, thanks for the tips bro

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