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Buying alcohol while under 21

Discussion in 'General' started by iTokeat420, Sep 3, 2009.

  1. Normally I have 2 or 3 guys I can go to for purchasing alcohol. For the last couple days, they have been busy with other shit, so my friends and I tried something new. We sat outside a party store that is known for people buying alcohol to underage people. We just sat in our car, and when we saw someone who didn't look shady, we flagged them over and asked if they would buy us alcohol if we threw them some money. We've done it 4 times so far, and we have yet to get a 'no' response.

    We have been giving them $5, except one dude wanted $10 (who basically hustled us, gave him $20 and bought us like $7 liquor, but whatever).

    Anyone else do the same? So far this technique has been working perfect.

  2. no because one of my friends dad buys me whatever I want as long as I pay for it
  3. that's like.... the oldest trick in the book.
  4. my next door neighbors are all between 21-23
    and they're down to drink at all hours
    so we just get them to buy our shit
  5. i'v been getting served since i was 15.
    how am i still doing it, its a secret.
  6. i was just chill out side the market last week and ask someone to buy to 30 packs of beer hahaha....didnt work...all my beer hooks were out.
    i guess i gatta cough up the money for a fake ID

  7. [​IMG] fake id fake id chikka chikka yeahhh!!

  8. :laughing::laughing:
  9. #9 Lebowski, Sep 3, 2009
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    Ok, you look like a future pedophile in this, number one. And number two, there isnt even a last name it just says "Mclovin"!!!

    One name??? One name??? Who are you Fogel, Seal?

    -I am Mcloviiiiin

    No you're not, no one's Mclovin. Mclovin's never existed cause thats a made up, dumb, fucking fairy tale name, you FUCK!

    Best scene in movie :D

  10. Why must you repeat the whole scene?
    Why not just say "Best scene in movie :D" and leave it at that:confused::confused:

  11. Its fun
  12. COUGARS!
    step one. find a cougar
    step two. have sex with said cougar
    step three. ask cougar to buy alchohol
    step four. enjoy

    at least that's how i always did it :confused_2:
  13. I bought my first case of beer when I was 16. No fake ID needed.

    At this certain conveinience store, I was pretty sure the guy at the counter would just make up prices and pocket the money. I got ballsy and tried to buy a case of beer off him late one night, it worked.

    Shortly after I turned 18 I was banging this chick that worked for the DMV. She hooked me and a lot of people up with fakes.
  14. Been buying booze since i was 16. Then again....i do live in Europe.

    Some kids asked me to buy them cigs the other day. I did it once because i remember being that age waiting outside the shop hoping someone will buy me some. They were nearly old enough.

    Then some other kid asked me. He was about 14. I just laughed and said No sorry.
  15. Theres 6 stores in my city that I know I can go buy brew n liquer, dudes dont even charge tax sometimes especially with the more expensive liquer bottles.
  16. Where I live it's legal to buy alcohol with 18
    And while I was 15-16 I could always get it
    However me and my friend while we were 14
    were scared to go buy some so we did ask other
    people to go buy it for us but it always took too
    long to actually ask someone
  17. God damn Lebowski I agree 100%
  18. My friend is 18 and I'm 20 he went into the store and bought a case, then I realized i needed cigarettes

    i went in a got carded for cigarettes FML
  19. lmao chikka chikka yeah!!!

    Trick please in my hood ass town i just hit up that black guy who only sells mids, he's got some bacardi stocked 'eeeeerrytime
  20. I went on a bc once with this random kid and his id fell out of his pocket in my car. I found it cleaning my car a few months later. I was set from age 17 on. The funniest part was it looked nothing like me and said I was 5'11 feet when im 5'6. Once a lady question me on that and I said " when you get your licence you put down what ever height you want, feeling self conscious about my height I fibbed a little". She ate it right up.

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