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  1. I want to buy a vaporstar vaporizer online in the US. What is a good site to get one off of?
  2. dont.

    I own one and they are pretty terrible. it doesnt conserve weed at all. it burns pretty easily and since it calls for the lighter to be on through almost the entire hit. thats a lot of butane to suck in man.

    you'll be way better off saving up for a box style vape and getting a gong adapter.:smoking:
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    Maybe for you, but not for everyone. LOTS of great reviews here on it : FC - Vaporizer Forum / Vaporstar Vaporizer

    To the OP. VapoStar is looking to possibly come out with a glass one. Just something to keep an eye out for.
  4. lol that thread is what made me buy mine almost a year ago. I know im using it properly because I was able to get it to perform better than there demos vids. but that doesnt change the fact that the hits were tiny and tasted like wood. the good thing is it helps cover the butane flavor.

    yes its one of the best in its price range but thats not saying much at all considering its competition. you lose so many of the benefits of using a vape with these. theres no real way to regulate temps so it doesnt conserve weed. you lose health benefets. because so much butane is required.

    it'll get you high and give you a general idea of what its like to own a vape, but just barely.;)
  5. You can't regulate the temps with the Purple Days either, yet it is considered one of the most efficient vapes on the market.

    Combusted butane is virtually harmless, unless, of course, you have some kind of weird allergy to H2O and CO2.

    But to anyone else that may be reading this, uncombusted butane fumes can be very harmful. So just make sure that you ignite your lighter BEFORE bringing it close to your smoking or vaping device.

    Kanibal, I totally respect the fact that you don't like the VapoStar, but many people do, so based on that, I would not say that it is an inherently bad vaporizer. As a matter of fact, I don't think that there is a vape on the market that someone doesn't like.
  6. Does it really not conserve weed?
    God every post i make i get a response that says DO NOT BUY THIS VAPE god wtf..
  7. I doubt that you will get very many of those over at the FC link I posted above.

    For most people, all vapes will conserve weed better than any kind of smoking device, but there are vapes that really excel in conservation. I wouldn't necessarily put the VaporStar in that category though.
  8. the purple days accurately regulates its own temp. and from what I hear they are tough as coffin nails. thats why they are so good.

    the average soft flame lighter doesnt burn hot enough to use all the tane. as Ive demonstrated here.

    the average lighter on some nice clean glass.
    after one second...
    and 5 seconds...
    wipes off off glass pretty easy but id imagine a little harder to get off the lungs....

    im not trying to seem like an elitist or hater. I just think that when it comes to vapes saving up a few more bucks for a standard box vape is the wiser choice.:smoking:
  9. Hi, first time poster, long time lurker.

    Thought this thread might benefit from another opinion. As an owner of a Vaporstar I have a lot of experience with the product. For me, this thing lives up to what it should; anyone expecting a vaporizer at this price to compete with a low end box type vape (probably the next cheapest thing) would therefore be misguided. Yes, it has shortcomings but the fact of the matter is nothing else can come close to competing at this price range. Hell, it fits on GonG bongs and costs about $5 more than a normal slide. If used properly it is actually quite easy to produce descent clouds of vapour, and this is with it being compared to Volcanos, Verdampers and Vapor Bros vapes. Obviously not the same levels as these, but again, remember the price. Burning for me is a non-issue, I haven't done so in the last month or so of daily usage. The butane inhalation issue I have reduced by using a clean burning jet flame lighter, which also serves to heat up the element much quicker than a normal lighter; a recommended addition if buying a vaporstar.

    The bottom line is this vape works and at this level is the only realistic option (aside from a VaporGenie). Remember also, at the very least it gives someone the opportunity to decide they like vaporising and save the money for a more expensive device.
  10. your second post and you already got some +rep.

    well put.:smoking:

  11. Ye, my bad on the first time thing. Cheers for the +rep dude.
  12. Yup, they are. I've had two of them for about a year.

    Comon' You're not inhaling soot unless you go into combustion, which is one of the reasons why vaping is so healthy. At vaping temps, soot is a non-issue.

    But lets get back to entry level vapes. I do agree that there is a better choice in a vape under 100 bucks than the Vapostar though, and that would be the LaunchBox.

  13. The Vaporstar is less though remember. More like $50. But yea, I'm looking into getting a LaunchBox so I suppose that speaks for itself.
  14. this is true with most vapes. but there was nothing to burn on the glass. that soot came directly from the lighters soft flame.:smoking:
  15. what did you do there?
    im confused
  16. He held the flame to the glass.
  17. The VaporStar is absolutely amazing!! :p

    DO NOT USE A STANDARD BUTANE LIGHTER, INSTEAD PURCHASE A RELIABLE JET LIGHTER (i suggest a company called Dora who make clear coloured plastic ones at an incredibly cheap price - £3.50 in my local headdy, exceptionally reliable, click has never failed which it tends to on a hell of a lot of others from known brands) - butane lighters taste horrible, feels like an uncomfortable prickle in the chest - jet lighters burn completely clean, heats up a lot quicker and makes the hits soooo tasty its unreal due to quick heat up from small sample.

    Honestly, once you get into a rhythm that you like with it then you can never go wrong. If you do like bigger and heavier hits then you simply heat for a tiny amount longer than you would for a smaller one. It allows you to completely personalise and regulate your vaping in under a second!! :D

    And it really does allow you to keep good control under your weed, me and my buddy have a record of 4h 13m from ONE 0.1g bowl. We get high A LOT so our tolerance is pretty high and by the end of this we were majorly baked - major time spent on vape so we became exceptionally economical!! :smoke:
    you just need to spend some time to learn how to get the perfect hit out of it to suit your needs and fall in love for such a budget price!!

    I have many other vapes now including PD-DB-LB and on occasion I will still use my VaporStar just because I still love it!! =)
    No smell, not a lot of hassle (which ends up becoming ritual anyway) and some of the best vapor hits I have still had to this day :)

    Take it easy guys :smoke: :smoke:

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