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Buying a Vaporizer

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by tobysdesk, Sep 10, 2008.

  1. I am considering buying a vaporizer. I just wanted to know what peoples thoughts are on them. What are some good ones out there? How do you know when the weed you place in it is no good any longer if it doesn't actually burn? And how much weed do you place in there at a time?

    Thanks in advance
  2. trial and error my friend

    most cheaper vapes definately burn the weed a little bit, and there is a light smoke
    i usually have mine set around 370, then for the last few hits i turn it up higher (420) to try and make sure im gettin all the THC out

    as for how much, you kina just need to get a feel for it, generally you want less than you would put in a bowl

    and whats your price range lookin like? You can get volcanos or supervapezillas for lots of $ or you can buy knockoffs for $100\
    do some searching on here and youll find alot of ppl making their own using heat guns

    if you are health conscious, need some stealth, or just have some $ to blow, I def recommend a vape
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    Hey man, if your going to buy a vaporizer, anything under 200$USD is probably not good as a general rule.. My buddy alex bought a vaporizer for 180, it broke in 3 weeks and wasn't covered by a warrantee.

    http://www.vaporizergiant.com/vtower_extreme-vaporizer.html <== 299$USD, medium.
    http://www.vaporizergiant.com/volcano_vaporizer.html <== 530$USD High end.
    http://www.vaporizergiant.com/vaporbrothers.html <== under 200$USD and legit.

    The vaporbrothers is the only one that I've ever been able trust(under 200$USD) The volcano is the really "High end".. I've never seen a vtower extreme vaporizer, but it looks cool. I'd look for a review or something like that before buying it, or any of the others.
  4. The silver surfer and da buddah are both great vaporizers
  5. I've heard nice things about Vaporbrothers
  6. vaporbrothers all the way
  7. vapor genie, cheap, stealthy, good
  8. I couldn't wait to order one online so I just bought one of the ones the store here had in stock. I love it. I didn't think when I would exhale there would be smoke still, is that normal? Its very light but still looks like smoke or steam.

    The one I have can be viewed at http://www.californiavapor.com/
  9. mine was free... gotta love blown out lightbulbs of course there not nearly as good as one you would buy still cheaper and get you higher than rolling a joint
  10. Amen dude, I loved my lightbulb vape before my mom confiscated it. I found the high didn't last as long, and you really have to get good with keeping the lighter the right distance away from the bulb. But even after that, they're all good; I use to toke in the bathroom all the time without any worries.

  11. just make another one man...
  12. ya man alot of those style ones, because the weed is touching or real close to touching the heating element it burns the weed more and causes a some smoke, but it shouldnt be real thick like it would from a pipe/bong so you are prolly fine

    you may wanna try turning the temp down a bit, if you know the actual temperature play around from 350 + and see where you like it
  13. I would want a vaporizer as a birthday gift. :D
  14. Depends like most people have been saying vapor bros, but if your looking for something portable I'd recommend a MFLB.
  15. Any 7th Floor product is good, Arizer is also a good company, and they even make a kickass portable. VB is good too as others have mentioned, but I wouldn't recommend the MFLB as a starter vape. I started off with it and it has a sucky learning curve. My Da Buddha was a lot easier to learn, and the Solo easier still.

    Also someone mentioned Volcano as high end. There's a newer high end one out called the Vape Xhale Cloud, but every vape has it's place.
  16. What's a good cheap portable vaporizer please help
  17. hey im just wondering if anyone on here has ever tried the dübe vape by white rino. im only concerned cuz its pretty cheap, but i havent seen any bad reviews

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