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Buying a vape: Iolite or Vapor Brothers?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by splurp, May 25, 2010.

  1. Im deciding between these two. What i assume is that a vapor brothers would probably be a bit better quality vapor-wise. But being as im gonna be living in a dorm this year i kind of want it to be small and concealable, as well as portable so i could hit it up on the way to class and shit :p I just had this crazy idea that i could put the iolite in an empty cup with like a lid and everything and have a hose going out the straw hole. Another factor is that the iolite is available at my local headshop, and the vapor brothers is not. I would rather not deal with having to get it shipped anywhere. Thanks for any oppinions!
  2. I have personally smoked an Iolite and i can say it is a extremely comfortable smoke, its great on herb and doesn't put out any smell on the exhale. If you live at a dorm definitely the way to go trust me :smoke:

    My friend has the blue 1 and we rip it pretty much everywhere....most people think we are sucking on a walkie talkie haha:hello:
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    If you want a home based unit that is NOT a portable, the VaporBros would be a very good choice, but if you want a small, concealable portable that is totally stealthy, reliable, and comes with the best warranty of ANY vape on the market, and sells for half the price of an Iolite, along with being much more efficient than the Iolite, and much more reliable than the Iolite, and provides a thicker, richer hit than the Iolite, check out the LaunchBox.
  4. Im not trying to be a dick but that Magic Flight Launch Box is so cheesy compared to the Iolite. A true vaporizer doesn't give thick hits like that imo. Yes it is cheaper but its not even as close to stealthy and from the sound of it he is trying to keep his smoking on the low.
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    Here's the deal. I can point to a LOT of threads stating how people have had problems with their Iolites. By comparison, the LaunchBox has been getting nothing but RAVE reviews. I can also point you to people who have had both, and have sold their Iolites in favor of the LaunchBox. I had the Iolite and didn't like it at all. The LaunchBox is much more stealthy in that it is a quarter of the size of an Iolite, so you can literally hide it in the palm of your hand. The LaunchBox is totally silent, whereas, the Iolite hisses between heat up cycles.

    Here are some LaunchBox reviews. Check 'em out:

    I can come up with a bunch more, but when you read these threads, there are virtually no negative reports from ANY of the users, and yet, I can pull up Iolite threads where there are a bunch of negative reviews regarding Iolites stems breaking from the heat, tasting like plastic, and just failing to ignite.

    I can't think of one reason to spend twice as much on an Iolite that has a worse warranty, makes noise, not as efficient, not as stealthy, and not as reliable. And ya know the biggest thing I have against the Iolite. Your herb is constantly being heated up between hits so your bud is constantly being slowly cooked even when you're not hitting it. Plus the warm up time. The Iolite is about a 3 to 5 minute warm-up time. The LaunchBox is a 3 second warm-up time. Instant on. Instant off. And to top it all off, it is half the price. Oh, did I mention the lifetime REPLACEMENT warranty? That's right. If yours breaks for ANY reason, even if it is user error, they won't just fix your vape. They will replace it..............for life, and, the warranty is transferable if you ever decide to sell it. The Iolites warranty doesn't even come close to that and it should because it is known to break.

    Oh, btw, your comment that a vaporizer is not supposed to provide you with thick hits is wayyy off the mark. What would make you say such a thing? The SSV, the Buddha and the VripTech Heat Wands have made their great reputations based upon thick, rich, vapor hits. Would you then say that these vapes are not, as you say, "true" vaporizers?
  6. I second the Magic Flight Launch Box, especially with the life time warranty you get.
  7. vb if you really want a home-style vape, and the MFLB for a portable one, but you can always hook up a whip to the launch box...

    i think the MFLB's reputation speaks for itself...
  8. I like Da Budda for home, I can't tell you how ripped my friends got me.

  9. yea, the dbv, ssv and arizer are all on the top i.m.o

    the volcano is amazing too, but i wouldnt spend the money on a new one...

    but hey, i'm rippin a china vape!

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