buying a steam roller

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  1. anyone got any suggestions or tips or me when im looking?
  2. id definatly sugest a RooR if u have about 100$ to spend on one:bongin:
  3. i agree
  4. yup i got my roor steamroller for 75. ive seen SYN steam rollers for 50 too.
  5. i would prefer to get a plastic one with a gas mask at the end, you can get them at flee markets for like 30 bucks, they are kind of a social pipe though, those things really fucking kill you though, you better be prepared to get your ass kicked, and just remember not to open your eyes!!
  6. [​IMG]

    got it for under 30 bucks

    its like 8 inches long and you can fit over 1.5 grams in that bowl!!!
  7. Ya this one is great!
    I have the same one, but mines is 12 inches, and i got it for 25!

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