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Buying a scale...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by couldbeMJ, Dec 26, 2009.

  1. So recently my good friend, who was also my dealer has moved. He would always weigh the bag on his scale right in front of me incase our eyeballs were off a little.

    But now with him gone my new dealer doesn't have a problem with me dropping the sac on a scale but he "doesn't" have one. (which i know is B.S.)

    anyway back to the question... I found a cheap china made scale online that im probably going to get, but do I need one of those like 5g, 10g, calibration weights or does it come correctly calibrated?
  2. research on the scale man. go to a head shop that sells scales and buy one from them if you want to be safe
  3. It should come correctly calibrated or with a way to adjust the scale (mine has a little knob on the back) so its accurate. I can't imagine having to buy some separate weights just to make the dang thing work, that'd be the worst scale ever.
  4. If your dealer doesn't have a scale why would you ever buy from him? As for your question, most scales alloe you to calibrate them yourself.
  5. all scale some pre calibrated no need to by a weight unless u drop your scale alot lol.

    why by a scale online
    u can go to walmart or any big store they sale food scale for 10-15$ there not bad they way in g, oz, pounds .

    also ***** store sell scale too probly like 15 20$ there tho.
  6. thanks, well it says it comes calibrated but i wasn't sure if most people still have one of those weights.

    and to blunt, i didn't say the whole story cause there really wasn't the need but apparently he broke his and he used his "friends" at home to weigh them but his "friend" doesn't let him bring it out.

  7. oh i didn't know walmart would have them for that cheap, maybe I will take a drive over there in a little bit and check them out.

  8. Man to be honest, it sounds like you`re being robbed if your dealer says he`s selling you bud without skiing it out. Anyways most scales come calibrated, just remember to keep the scale on a stable surface if not it will give you a wrong reading when I need to calibrate my scale ill borrow a friends scale scale out 200gs of sugar in a little cup and put it on the scale and it calibrates it, point is you can get a weight or find household things to put on it. for example dentine ice mints each weight exactly half a gram I use them to see how accurate my scale is all the time :D:smoking:
  9. nickel = 5 grams
    easy way to tell if your scale is calibrated.
  10. thanks guys, but i dont think he is really playing me yet. I havn't bought more then an 1/8th from him so its pretty easy to make sure its enough, and if i say it looks a little skimpy he will add some more.

    and thanks for the dentine ice and nickel trick, i guess there is no need for those little weights!
  11. Ya nickels are 5 grams, dollar bills should be 1 gram.
  12. thats not true older nickles weigh less, i tried this out on my friends $50 scale he got from a headshop same with pennies their not accurate. if you cant afford a headshop scale go and buy a food scale lol

  13. that's your first problem....
  14. you're wrong, nickels weigh 5 grams. period.

    unless by old you mean 1866 or older, which i know you didn't

  15. hit ebay. I got mine shipped for 20 bucks, it came with some weights, and how to recalibrate it. Ive used it numerous times, traveled with it, and the calibration is dead on ( I always carry a weight with me to make sure its still spot on)
  16. I have bought two scales, both from local head shops. My first one was $30, it was pretty small but got the job done. I lost it and ended up getting a really good deal on a triton scale, $25 bucks when the original price was $50. The easiest way to see if it is correctly calibrated is to ask the person working at the headshop to put a nickel on it before you purchase it. If its not 5.0 g's exactly its not calibrated right, so you might want to re-calibrate it or just find a scale that is already calibrated

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