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Buying a pound tonight..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by FredTheNunKing, Aug 10, 2011.

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  1. Hey all I've never really bought any large quantities over an ounce before so I'm wondering if you could help me out.. Tonight I'm going over to my homies tonight to pick up a pound for 2000$ (he hooks me up fat and I'm in Cali) And it's all dank. I know this is a good deal. He told me he has 20 strains. I'm wondering what I should get.. Should I just get a full pound of the dankest strain or get som ounces of a few or just get like an ounce or so of each. Also, I'm going to be driving back to my house in my car (it's a shitty car) and it's a 30 minute drive back. How should I store this in my car and how fucked would I be if I got pulled over? I'll definitely burn a few blunts with him when I'm there too, but I'm stoked about this. This pound will be smoked fast :smoke:
  2. I dont see this happening.

    Pics are needed.
  3. Send me your address lol
  4. Don't get jacked.
  5. You wanna get home as safe as possible with minimal risk of getting caught, I wouldn't burn there if your trying to drive back. Bring a few trash-bags to wrap it in for scent.
  6. this ^^^^
  7. I'll take 2 please, and thank you!
  8. buy the 4 best strains, QP of each.

    that being said please don't get robbed/caught =[
  9. Air tight container, get the Tupperware air tight seals. That's your best bet.

    fuck my buddy just told me about a friend of his, fronted $4000 a lb, fronted the money last week is getting it tonight.
  10. Don't smoke if your driving back with a pound.. And if you get pulled over just eat it all
  11. Have you ever driven with weight like that just chilling with you? It's different, it starts talking to you and taunting you, then your ego takes control and you fly off the road going 100 just to get the fucker to shut the fuck up...Many do not survive, best of luck.:cool:
  12. damn we pay 5000 a pound out here
  13. I'd agree, don't smoke ANYTHING until you've gotten it all back to yours, and before driving back make sure to check everything on your car is fine and violates no state laws such as all lights are working etc.

  14. Hahahahaha
  15. Pics Or GTFOH!
  16. LMFAO i AM choking on this pop tart .:smoke:
  17. You shouldnt burn before driving home, then when you get pulled over for speeding or driving like an idiot you wont give the officer the right to search your car.

    To be honest I would never drive with that much. I've seen people push there luck and get away with it, Ive met people who drove 28 hours with 10 pounds and was never bothered. But its all luck. I know a guy who was driving 15 minutes from where he picked up, to who he was selling it too. And he got booked with 2 ounces.

    But I must say im from Canada, so the D.E.A. isnt cracking down on my life.
  18. If you are for serious, don't smoke there and make sure all your lights are working.
  19. You can choke on my pop tart :p
  20. Is that what you kids are calling your dicks these days roflmfao
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