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Buying a pipe, which one should I pick

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by xplicitcontent, Oct 23, 2002.


Which one should I get?

  1. Raydiator

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  2. Bukket

    0 vote(s)
  3. Sphere

    0 vote(s)
  4. Baby Blue

    0 vote(s)
  5. Savorette

    0 vote(s)
  6. Streetdaddy Blue

    0 vote(s)
  7. Other

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    As seeing the Raydiator, I was wondering if there are also any other unique pipes like this on the web. Im looking for a unique pipe, and have the dough for it.

    K, im pissed. I sorta traded my first pipe that I've had for two years which was a skateboard tool as well for stealth for a pack of cigarettes when I was stoned. Luckily, its my good friend so I still see it once in a while, but now I want a new pipe cuz smokin out of foils sucks and I can't keep buying papes. So I got some money that Im willin to spend for one, and I looked around grasscity's store and these were my top picks.

    Im looking for one to keep for years to come, that is portable and pocket size, makes everyone go whoa, as well as not to hot so that I could hold it after many hits (A downside of my first pipe which would burn).

    2)Streetdaddy Blue
    3)Baby Blue
    4)The Original Sphere

    Please pick the one I should get, cuz I can't decide. Also if u have any other suggestions, feel free to post.Thanks
  2. they're all cool.... solve the hot problem get some sculpty clay from walmart....we have a screw one hitter that always burnt the shit out of my fingers, I wrapped some clay sround it, baked it to harden it and more playing hot potato when passing the bowl

    also works good for a seal on homemade bongs

    and you can make stuff while your baked!
  3. Man, the "raydiator" costs like 60 dollars on this site. They cost 30-40 bucks offa their site ( No offense to SJ, but thats a total rip-off. They don't even cool the smoke like they claim. I say screw all the gimmicky pipes and get a nice protopipe (unless you go for glass which is good too).
  4. I'm with him on the glass....I love glass and my pipe is portable and never gets too hot

  5. anyone else see the irony?

    ..the best out of all of those is the bukket, but id just buy a really cheap piece myself, or make something from clay or wood or something. seems kind of fucked to spend tons of cash on a pipe, since they all do the same thing in the end anyway.. buy some more bud instead
  6. since I brought up the clay I should also mention that it is toxic to smoke out of anything you's great for the outside of bowls, not so good for the inside...unless your into the whole toxic fume thing....

    Edit: Sculpty clay is toxic...dunno about other brands
  7. well grasscity's clay pipes arent toxic
  8. like I said at the top, im looking for a very appealing bowl, one thats like a ferrari compared to a homemade one.
  9. glass's nice...mine is a color changing one and it's like havin a new pipe all the time
  10. right on. ok..I say go with the radiator. what a sweet cool smoke. and hell about this homemade talk...yeah you can always get all stoney and fool around and make some goods, but hell, why not? support tha city!!
    lol, if I had the funds, Id be buying off the city all the time, not only cause I feel like I should pay some kinda rent, calling it my second home and all, but there are some nice products here! sweet.
  11. We have ordered from pipe, it's bigger than we originally thought but it's very nice and was very reasonable....

    and we got it fast!
  12. if only they had more selection (not saying that it's little). I went to and found some nicer versions, and more specifically the one that I might be getting. Still, my options are opened till the end of the month.

  13. Protos aren't gimmicky! They're tried and true! I was using "gimmicky" in the negative use of the adjective not the definition meaning innovative. I've smoked many a bowl from the raydiator and it looks cool and all but it isn't much different from a metal handpipe.
  14. i know of some good sites when it comes to pipes... um... ::checks through links:: ok, here's my top 2 choices... the one's got some really sick glass pieces... but due to the higher quality, you also get a higher price. anywayz, here's the link...

    the next one has a lot of good pieces too... and the best part is they're pretty cheap...

    hope this is of some help
  15. ever since i bought my first glass my and it broke i had to buy another , i say glass is the best , just becareful with it, i also think wood pipes are a cheaper alternative because they don't get too hot either.

  16. Glass all tghe way.
  17. glass is the best periphernalia oriented investment I've ever made. I used to use a little metal pipe and would get pissed at people bragging about their nice glass pieces. I simply didn't realize that glass pieces are, in fact, nice

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