Buying a new xbox at 2 in the morning!

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    So i was chillin with my friends last night, and on the way home i stopped at walmart to buy a new xbox since mine broke for the 8th time and is out of warranty (getting a new one for free anyway, dude told me i will have a lifetime warranty! lol).

    So i go in and go ask the guy standing outside of electronics if he can get me an xbox, he says yeah. yada yada yada...

    so i get home and plug that shit in with my old cables. i get some error screen e74. my friend was reading me shit from the internet saying that pretty much means its fucked. so im like no, the reason why i got an error is cause i used my old power cord. so i go to plug in the new one and it doesnt even fit! lol what the fuck?

    So i go BACK to walmart and go to buy a new one, and EVERYBODY in the whole fuckin store was sketchin out thinking i was trying to pull some shit. and me being high at the time was talking to them like "i just bought an xbox and its broken so i want to buy a new one."

    when im going to cash out the lady asks me for some id so i can use my debit card, while the manager and some other lady are standing behind me. transaction goes through smooth and i walk out the door and the alarm goes off. so i say fuck it and keep walking while talking on the phone. and some guy is fuckin HAULING ASS after me and says WAIT COME BACK HERE!

    He asked me for a receipt and said you just came from the electronics department huh? like i was fucking stealing it and im like here can you hold this. i give him the xbox and he's looking at the back and shit, i show him the receipt and he took one look at my eyes and says. "OH, your going to have a good time tonight huh? lol i said hell yeah and told him to have a good night.

    So that was my fucking exiting story, hope you enjoyed and i have the video after the break.

    edit: link will work soon
  2. that shit is tough about ur xbox thats hilarious how they thought u was jackin shit u was prolly to :smoking: to care tho
  3. this is proof that american companies suck and deserve to be fucked by the economy. My xbox had that thing where the video drive magnet fell off, and microsoft said that it was a defect from the factories. I had to pay $100 for them to fix something that was their fault.
  4. nothing is made with quality or to last anymore
  5. i just know never move or touch it unless you have to.
  6. Lol @ your pounding on the xbox! Btw, mine was out of warranty and got e74 but I went on the site and they still ended up repairing it for free. So maybe you should try that..
  7. Never fails at wal-mart. Although if i worked there and saw some high kid i wouldn't scan the thing either, haha.
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    yeah im getting it fixed for free, i just wanted an xbox to play now. im gunna return it.

    Edit: my 711th post is dedicated to the mango slurpee!
  9. lmfao the video was hilarious. maybe you shouldnt beat the shit out of an already broken xbox :p
  10. people still buy xboxes?

    anyways that sucks. That is why I dont shop at any major retail store. They treat you like a criminal, or just bug you with questions for fun. Most of all the employees reak of douche anyways.

    Shop local support local business.

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