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Buying a new piece

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by gamesterrr, Sep 19, 2007.

  1. I am considering buying myself a new piece as an end of probation present.:D I am looking at several from I was wondering if anybody had any experiance with them and could guide me in the direction of a good bong.
    The ones I am looking at are
    Mad Scientist by Molino

    Mr Li by weedstar


    Anyone have any opinions on which one i should get?

    EDIT: sorry if this is considered advertising
  2. phx trinity, or LUX, or illadelph. but if u dont got the dough i hear molino mad scientist is an excellent bong
  3. I'm looking for something in the $50-$80 range so Roor, Lux PHX and the like are out.
  4. Go for the weedstar (although I'd get a larger model). The molino is small, takes too much water to fill, and the perc sucks. The weedstar has nice thick glass. Make suree you're ok with a carb on it, though.
  5. I was leaning toward the weedstar. has anyone in the U.S ordered a glass piece from before? did it arrive alright?
  6. Look up that bong in the threads, someone within a month just had the molino scientist and Im sure he would tell you how its been so far...I will try to find the thread
  7. I have decided to buy the Mr. Li by weedstar, I am now wondering if does a good job of shipping to the us.
  8. im in the uk and order from them all the time no problems, and i have hurd nothing but good from US customers aswell.

  9. Only when I am coming off a tolerance break.:D
  10. get the weedstar hightower.

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