Buying a new car soon... help me decide!

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  1. Choices: Audi A4, BMW 328i (heard more bad things than good about the BMW), and the cheapest of the three: the Volkswagen GTI.

    My friend has an Audi A4. Very comfortable and quite luxurious car. My other friend has a GTI, but i've only been in it once. No complaints. One guy I talk to once in a while has the 328i, and he loves it.

    I don't know which one to get. I'll post prices to help decide

    Audi: ~$35k
    BMW: ~$37k
    VW: ~$27k
  2. audi's are the shit, but i'm always biased in favor of audi's

    as long as you got tints and an aux cable you'll be set
    but my vote goes to the A4
  3. I really love the A4. I test drove one yesterday and they ride like butter. They're so comfortable in my opinion, even more so than the BMW.
  4. If your looking at the A4 and 328i deffinatly look at an infiniti g37. They are around the same price range and are amazing cars.
  5. why don't you get a 350z or Genesis Coupe? cheaper and faster..
    unless you need a sedan, but even then, why not get a e39?
    cheaper and way better looking than the new bmws

  6. that bmw looks sick

    edit: i want a sedan more than a coupe tbh. i drive with people a lot of the time and most coupes have shitty back seats

  7. you can get an M5 E39 for about 16,000 to 22,000.
    or you can get a regular E39 for like 8,000 to 15,000.
    sedan wise, G35 are nice, you can get a Subaru sti for like $20,000 if its used, maybe even a new one for 30,000, evo for 20,000+.
  8. Don't get anything brand new, it's a rip. You want to get something a few years old, that's been kept in really good condition but is half the price since it's used. Get it direct from someone who has all the maintenance records and can tell you how the car's been.


    2003 Passat GLX 2.8L 30v V6 - 5 speed 40,000 miles for $5500. I was able to pay it CASH MONEY so I have no car loan. I did it by just driving around a car that was falling apart, things kept failing, for several years, trying to save money I'd otherwise be paying on a car loan. When it finally got to the point where it wasn't worth fixing things (oh, and I fixed most things on it my own, with help from others, for very cheaply) any longer, I sold it for $550 and got the Passat.


  9. I'm kind of leaning towards the GTI to be honest. It looks like the most to drive, even though it's not very luxurious. I can also add some things on to it in time with a simple ECU boosting the hp to about 270 right off the bat. With a few thousand more I could probably make it up to ~400hp. That is a lot for a car that weighs about 1.5 tons.

    I've been looking for good cars that are used maybe a few years old, but to be honest it's like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Most have something undesirable no matter what.

  10. well every car has something undesirable about it.
    gtis are cool cars though, maybe you should look for a latemodel r32.
  11. thanks for all the suggestions. ill definitley look into those. +rep
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    get a GTI with a VR6'

    I really like VW. Growing up, my dad had a lot of cars, but his VW rabbits were always my fav.
  13. I'm contradicting myself so much right now. I can't decide wether to buy the GTI or the A4. I really like both so much.
  14. after watching some review on youtube and remembering how nice my friends A4 is, I'm really leaning towards the A4 now. There's just something about baking out an A4 rather than a GTI that really appeals to me.
  15. what year are you talking about?
  16. Dude, Audis are a bitch to repair, and if you don't fix it yourself, you're going to have a crap ton of maintenence bills, because everything is really compact under the hood.
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    Acura tl awd ftw.

    Wait. Audi A3? Same at the VW, but the engineering of Audi!!

    edit: well VW and Audi are some company.

    but Audi might make you look more pro on LI.

    Then again I've never been to LI...or NYC

  18. They must be pretty new for those prices.

    Not the best advice but:
    You could definitely afford a 745 if stuntin is a priority, now thats a wonderful car to hotbox.

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