Buying a new car. Need Some Advice, and a sweet story!

Discussion in 'General' started by Foniac, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. So, just yesterday I got my scholarship money paid to my University. They sent me an email saying that they had invoiced for double the amount of the scholarship, to cover a previous year I had paid myself.

    Essentially I was under the impression that I wouldn't be compensated for a year I paid out of pocket. My freshman year the scholarship paid. My sophomore year I paid out of pocket because I was almost dropped from the scholarship, and they didn't pay. I went back to school a a few weeks late and since I didn't renew with them in August, they thought I wouldn't be attending at all. This year, my Junior year, they're paying again.

    Well, I called my scholarship representative, and she said the board had decided that they were going to reimburse me.

    I've got a big, fat refund check sitting at the Financial Office.

    Now, I consulted my mom, who is helping me pay for school, and she told me that since my car is about to die, and we weren't in any sort of huge debt from the past year, she said a good car would definitely be an investment I could make, since the scholarship will now be covering my senior year of school.

    So, I have a few options.

    1. Pontiac Grand Prix GXP-'05 or '06.


    5.3 L V8 with Displacement on Demand, allowing it to run as a 4 cylinder in traffic for excellent fuel economy. Used, and low mileage 2006's are going for really respectable prices, and thus far owners in the Pontiac community have been really enjoying them.

    2. Pontiac G8 - Coming in January 2008


    The 362 HP RWD replacement for the Grand Prix. This baby hits showrooms in January. My refund isn't going to be enough to outright buy one of these, but it will cut out a huge chunk of the price. I've been in love with this car since it was announced. Of course it isn't completely practical, but I mean, who needs practicality.

    Someone, help me out.
  2. so you love pontiacs. Im not a big fan of pontiac but i'de say out of those go for the last one.
  3. Fonic made a booboo and double posted. :D
  4. pontiacs are the ugly bitch of the car world.

  5. get some type of bmw e46 they are great cars, have lots of options to upgrade (if you want) otherwise great, great cars and people think they are pretty expensive, but with all the new models bmw is pumping out these cars are a great bargain!
  6. fuck a BMW...if your into pontiacs get a GOAT(GTO) 6.0L...or get a 08 Dodge Charger SRT8 6.1L HEMI...or even the Charger R/T 5.7 HEMI...or if you can wait a little longer, get the Dodge Challenger 6.4L Hemi.
  7. fuck a pontiac...

    buy my m3 and have shit tons of money left over

    click the pick for more info....
  8. hell yea e36's are great too, but I'm biased to the e46 :hello:
  9. Hells when i first opend this thread i thought bmw m3 LOL i guess great minds think alike
  10. I think you should go for a 3-4 year old Mini Cooper S type.

    Either way, I think you should buy a slightly older car. In the first two years, your new ride is going to lose 40% of its value. Let someone else pay for that.
  11. fuck yea my friend has an 06 m3 smg and that shit is so roudy! I wouldnt believe how fast it is without riding in it myself, because its naturally asperated! i think 06 was the last year they had smg i would get one of those. actually nevermind thats probably way too expensive, but still its a sick car
  12. If you get like an 02-03 3series they are only ~18k, plus ~3k for a supercharger and bam you got like a 300+ hp beast! PM me if you have questions bout bmw's...
  13. wow 300+ horsies and thats with a supercharger? lol fuck all that noise. For $13-$15K you can get a 2002 WS6 with 325HP STOCK!!!! supercharge that bitch and you get a 450+ RWHP BEAST for under 18K. Plus beamers are small and ugly looking to begin with.
  14. I was gonna say a WS6 like fluffy or an LS1 Z28
  15. I've always wanted a Trans Am, but the things that appeal to me about the GXP and the G8 are that they're both sedans.

    I do a good deal of driving with my friends, and a 2 Door, hardcore sport car would not be ideal.
  16. how much is that going for
  17. Ive driven the GXP, it is the best GranPrix that you can buy but really, its a POS. Its front wheel drive and it has horrible torque steer as soon as you step on the gas. If you have to get a pontiac get the GTO. But if your going that direction and going american buy a vette.
  18. SPEND ALL OF YOUR MONEY ON CHRONIC. you dont have to drive when you can fly man!
  19. fuck that dude, buy a vw hippy bus and some dank budskis!
  20. What exactly is your budget and requirements for the car? I'm a car geek and if you list for me what you need/want out of the car (auto/manual, 4/2 doors, size, RWD/FWD/4x4/AWD, domestic/foreign, sports/luxury, etc.) then I'd be happy to generate a list of my top picks.

    -Danny Boy

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