Buying a new car. Need Some Advice, and a sweet story!

Discussion in 'General' started by Foniac, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. So, just yesterday I got my scholarship money paid to my University. They sent me an email saying that they had invoiced for double the amount of the scholarship, to cover a previous year I had paid myself.

    Essentially I was under the impression that I wouldn't be compensated for a year I paid out of pocket. My freshman year the scholarship paid. My sophomore year I paid out of pocket because I was almost dropped from the scholarship, and they didn't pay. I went back to school a a few weeks late and since I didn't renew with them in August, they thought I wouldn't be attending at all. This year, my Junior year, they're paying again.

    Well, I called my scholarship representative, and she said the board had decided that they were going to reimburse me.

    I've got a big, fat refund check sitting at the Financial Office.

    Now, I consulted my mom, who is helping me pay for school, and she told me that since my car is about to die, and we weren't in any sort of huge debt from the past year, she said a good car would definitely be an investment I could make.
  2. ...fucking epic man.

    as a fellow college student of the same age, that brings a tear to the eye :'(

    dude, that is seriously fucking awesome. what is the scholarship for may i ask?

    also, whatkind of car are you looking for?
  3. That's awesome man, but where's the need for advice come in? :)
  4. How much paper you got?
  5. It's a private scholarship for Music Majors only. Basically, I had to audition for the board / professional musicians acting as consultants to cover most of my college expenses.

    My refund is going to be $22,250.00. It would have been somewhere in the neighborhood of 27k...but they're not going to refund me various fees associated with the university that aren't tuition, and part of my room and board for when I lived in off-campus housing.
  6. Well, I also had a portion of my post dedicated to car choices, but I guess since I had images, the mods swooped in and deleted them.

    Well, I'll size them down and do it again.

    1. 2005-2006 Pontiac Grand Prix GXP. FWD, 5.3 L V8. Displacement on Demand, allowing it to run on 4 cylinders for increased fuel economy. They've been received well by the Pontiac community and they hold up.

    2. Pontiac G8. 362 HP RWD Grand Prix replacement. Awesome. Hitting showrooms in 2008. I don't have enough to cover it all, but it's a nice chunk.
  7. I'd say spend like 10k on a car and put the rest in the bank.
  8. dude you should get some type of honda. Hella reliable, even if they are kinda dinky IMO.
  9. I've seen Pontiacs with over 150k miles on them and no major problems with routine maintenance. I've heard that the wheel hub bearings can go later in life, and they've worked to make their transmissions more relaiable.

  10. I know a cat with a honda civic coming up on 600k miles dude. Take care of that shit, itll last forever.

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