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Buying a new bubbler...(pic)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by grapeALICIOUS, Aug 13, 2008.


    It's the Molino Candy Reversal...I think it looks fuckin beautiful! It's like $65, a little expensive, but I think it's totally worth it for the looks on this. I mean it just looks sooooo amazing!!!!!!!!! What do you guys think about it?
  2. no offense gc, but molino is pretty shitty, ive heard their pieces are overpriced and really thin.
  3. don't worry it's not from GC...(atleast I didn't find it on here)...but really? I've heard Molino is pretty top quality....did you own one?
  4. Gotta be honest dude, I've owned Molino pieces, and they've all been pretty high-quality... But they are expensive.
  5. I own one, they're alright...but you could get better for the price
  6. I just really love how it looks, colors and everything...any reason why I shouldn't buy it then?
  7. If you want that piece, buy it. I'm happy if you're happy.
  8. It's not like there are any big secrets about it. You have eyes, check out the thickness of the glass yourself. If it's thick enough to meet up with your standards, then I'd say get it, because that is one beautiful bubbler.
  9. i thinks thats i nice piece don't have any expeirience with molinos but i'd look around to make sure it is the one you ant before you regrets
  10. i like the black molino bub on the same page where you found that one but yours is still sick
  11. How would you clean that thing ?
  12. bag+isopropyl alcohol+sea salt+bubbler, shake, clean.
  13. yea its bad ass but actually pretty cheap for the design,,
    umm but i was gonna order from that site too, ... let me know how it works out for you cause i wanna get one too**
    Honestly and Truthfully
  14. it looks sweet dude

    i got a soft spot for bubblers

    but theres this bong called the mad scientist that i've been wanting for a while
    i need to get some new glass anyway...

  15. dude im saying this for your sake: DON'T BUY THE MAD SCIENTIST. my friends and i faded on one and it absolutely sucks. if u hit the bong a little hard the perc shoots up and can crack you in the teeth. and it doesn't have a fuckin down stem :(. get a PHX but as far as the Mad Scientist goes...HELL NO
  16. hahahah Im looking at some site that has the exact same one. haha

    really sweet lookin bubbler though, almost sleek lookin!
  17. you can see the watermark on the photo to see where he got it from

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