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  1. So i used to have a PURP bong that broke. Somehow i tapped it against the wall and the perc inside broke. I am looking into a new bong and i have come across these two:

    Black Leaf Percolator Bong-Blue Double Dome Perc - Online Shop

    WS Series Messias Illusion Ice 5mm - Double Tree Perc 18.8 - Online Shop

    Im looking for quality and overall smoke quality. I am open to any suggestions(but please nothing stupid). My budget is around $200. I already have a vape. I smoke a lot and need something to take me to the next level haha. Thanks guys!
  2. why dont you just buy a jorges cervantes beaker of aqua.lab they are $174. Beaker is 5mm thick and comes with a luke wilson 6 arms downstem and a ben wilson disc diffused slide. Plus the shipping took me 6 days; California to Montreal!! You wanna know whats better? I dont event have to pay any taxes or duty fees compared to GC.

    Why dont you treat yourself well and get that beaker or a vertigo stemline with a dd slide? =) =)

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