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  1. I want to buy a new bong but I want the best bang for my buck. What's a nice tube I could get for like 150 bucks? I really like honeycomb percs.
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    i got a dope honeycomb bong for 100 bucks. It's a small sight and the guy who runs it is a fuckin G. Even does glass repair, i have been considering to repair this mobius matrix i have, i may report back on a review for that.
    oh and the prices are STUPID cheap. This place is on point. I was gonna order... from here.... but got a better deal and faster shipping time from this guy.
  3. That's pretty dope

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  4. by $150, you have many choices
  5. thanks

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  6. Not to steal the thread by any means, but this is definitely helpful for myself because I am looking for some new glass also. And I ran across this double honeycomb at my lhs the other day. Its Topoo glass, so that makes me somewhat nervous, but was wondering what u all think

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    Gots good prices on glass, Canada based i believe

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  8. At this price buying used will get you a better tube for the money...just have to be careful with who you're dealing with.  There are a ton of people out there who sell/trade their used tubes in order to try to upgrade and buy new stuff.  It's how I ended up being able to buy heady glass.
    It's rare to find people who are trying to trade down, like who's going to trade a mothership egg for a zob plus cash...doesn't happen.  Since everyone tries to trade up, you can get good deals at the lower end.
    There is risk involved, so you have to do your homework but you can get a better deal this way.
  9. I'm just looking for a tube with a good review that will last me.

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  10. chinese aff

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