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    I've got a budget stretching up to $400.00 and I've got a couple criterium.

    -Over 18 inches tall.
    -At least 5mm glass.
    -Erlenmeyer Flask bottom.
    -Mostly translucent.
    -One perc.
    -Ice catcher

    I'm looking at this Leviathan:

    Leviathan Pipes - Titan Omega - Giant Showerhead Perc Beaker Base 7mm Glass Ice Bong - Mix and Match Bongs - Bongs and Waterpipes - Smoking Pipes -

    But I'm wondering if there is anything else similar that's cheaper or better for the price. Or if anyone can sway me off the flask bottom, not sure why I'm so attached to it.
  2. SGW waffle and an ashcatcher (nothing too big or heavy) or an SG Stemline or save up $100 for SG Stem to 8. If you must have a 45 degree, Illy or Roor?
  3. Or The Rooster Apparatus
  4. Their is no really high end glass that's over 20 inchs and 7mm thick. The stemline from sg is 18 inchs and is 5mm thick. 5mm is what just about everything is for very functional glass, from sg to mobius to David goldstein. If your willing to go 18 inchs and 5mm thick you can find alot more stuff. It's called a beaker bottom not a flask bottom.
  5. Alright thanks boss, let's see what people can come up with
  6. "Beaker" bottoms actually have flask bottoms. Just saying.

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