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  1. what are some good name brand glass bong and what percs,diffusers,A/C are most effective? Also where to find them.
  2. There are really so many quality tubes. What specifically are you looking for size performance cost scientific or heady wise?
  3. im only wanting to spend around $350-$400. this will be my first one so im clueless as to what the deference between all the styles of percs are. I do know that i want a bong with perc but i dont know how many because i dont want alot of drag but i do want good diffusion
  4. If you want a perc with less drag you can get a Dave goldstein fritted disc for 340-360. If you spend 420 you could get a mobius if you can actually find a 60 stereo matrix for sale. Personally I'm getting the DG.

    On a side note. If you wanted no perc then I would get a roor beaker and add a diffused downstem so you have both options.
  5. In that price range you are looking at David Goldstein Fritted Disks, Mobius Stero's and Disks, and Sovereignty Stemlines. Thats really what you should be looking at.
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    I guess mobius stopped making the regular matrix? Lol get the regular matrix bubbler. It's in your price range 350 to 400. It's a single perc that's easy to clean and use and it's really high end . Stacks all day with just a small lose of flavor. If flavor is really important stay way from a dg, that make the hit smooth but just so bland IMO. How set are you on the price? If your set on under 400 try and find the matrix perc bubbler. It's 12 inchs so it's not small and hits great. If you have a little extra money to use get a stero matrix, it's even better then the single matrix and its around 14 inchs big.
  7. I would suggest a tube with a stemline for your needs. (hint: aqua labs and Sovereignty)
  8. Or Apix Designs...i hear his stemlines are pretty nice.
  9. Apix Designs Stemline > Disc by the looks of it, or one of these from M&M Tech that I've been looking into. Apparently their bigger pieces are 9mm:

  10. Or DG fritted, though they seem a bit worse for oils if you're considering/are into that

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