Buying A New Bong, Need Help Finding The Perfect One Please

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    Hey guys, new to glasscity. Just wanted help to find the perfect bong for me. Navigating through a lot of these sites was painful, but I think I know what I want, just can't find it. First off, I want it to be durable enough where it will last (not sure if 5mm will do it, or if I should go with 7 or 9). Secondly, I want it to have some accessories, but not over the top. (Really not sure about the advantages and disadvantages of percolators, ash catchers, etc. If someone would be willing to shine some light I'd appreciate it) Third, I want it to be a triangle base, something like this . And finally, I want it to have some kind of design, really not a fan of plain glass or logos written across it. Price is an obstacle, I'd like to pay maybe $100-150, may be able to do more. Thanks all, just really wana make sure my first bong is a keeper, and will last. :D

  2. Why not buy that one? It's pretty dope, man.
  3. I was thinking about it, but wanted to check to make sure there wasn't something else that strikes my fancy. Also, friend is going 50-50 with me on it, so I need to talk with him as well.
  4. Buy a pack of zig zags and spend the rest of the money on weed.
  5. I would, but I'm going to college soon, and want to get a bong to use for that time. Been smoking for a long time, but can't roll. So, there's that. 
  6. lol thats always an option 
  7. I wouldnt personally buy any of the pieces im gonna mention besides apix, but check out flo, gravlabs, apix, zob. they're all cheap and way better than what you posted. Better long term investments and muchhhh better pieces 
  8. Loool.

    I can't believe I read that. First off, glass thickness isn't the only factor. It isn't worth getting 7/9mm if it you don't have Scott's grade boro, and reinforced joints.
    You want a beaker bottom, for flowers. I'd suggest a zob 18".. But seeing as how you don't know anything about glass, maybe a 14" for your lungs would be better
    you want 7-9mm worked glass, beaker base, with percs/ accessories for 100-150.......I want a night with Jessica Alba....I don't think either of us are going to get what we want.
    If you're looking at spending 100-150, forget about getting stuff worked (it's not going to be good color work at that price).  Maybe a plain flask bottom  glass piece and then add a perc'd downstem later like an Alex K showerhead or sov gridded.
    Apix would really be the only guy I'd consider at that price.
  10. This.    Especially when money is an obstacle, I can never understand people spending large amounts of money on smoking toys when they could spend the equivalent amount on a month or two's worth of herb.    Learning to roll joints is very easy, there are a ton of videos here on GC showing you how.   There are also $10 gadgets that do it for you.   Dugouts or small $15 pipes are also an option.   If you are going to college, you will be strapped for cash, and halfway through your first semester when you are flat broke, you will wish you spent the money on green.   Bongs do ya no good when there's nothing to put in it.
  11. I guess Ive never been that strapped for cash that bad, but I never regretted getting a sick bong for college.  But in your case I'd say save your money up and get something that's going to have what you want cause right now unfortunately that price limits you a lot
  12. If you're on a budget for a college bong,
    (that will probably take a drunken beating every once in a while because it happens to the best of us) 
    look into Transformer Tubes. Glass slide on Glass downstem with high-grade modulated plastic tubes. 
    Here's the Galileo assembled for $64
  13. You can get that same long for half the price from this discount transformer tubes website that sells pieces with cosmetic defects or another wait to see it is unique one-of-a-kind pieces for half the price but here's the link happy talking

    PS I bought mine from a local distributor had mine for a year now and I love it durable portable the Lego of bongs I can put the whole thing and my backpack and take it snowboarding with to blaze on the mountain in between runs 😜🏂💨😎💨💨😴❤️

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