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Buying a Luke Wilson...

Discussion in 'Bongs, Dab Rigs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by jujubes, May 19, 2010.

  1. yeah gimme a sec
  2. i <3 my Luke Wilson DD slide

  3. I just went to ALT and saw that new 14/19 bubbler. Its a 14-arm with a 5-arm downstem. It looks fuckin BAD ASS. But its 500 hehe. About 200 bucks too high if u ask me. :)
  4. So, I bought it on Friday.

    It's seen about thirty five or so PACKED bowls in its three days of ownership already, and about fifteen people have used it so far. Not one negative thing has been said... One of my friends describes it as "an awesome mini bong with a shitload of percs". And that is pretty much what it is.

    Any tips on getting the grime out of the bowl piece? How do I get resin out of it without scratching up the glass? Any tips on cleaning the main bubbler part of it? Alcohol and salt? I just want the most resin out of it with the fewest possible scratches and the cleanest glass possible.

    Anyways, pics. Sorry about it being dirty, it was spotless when I got it though.

  5. Very nice. I would kill to have a worked LW 15 arm. I've only seen a few but they are just too sexy.
  6. So what's up next? Any ideas yet?

    Nothing can get a DD clean without some elbow grease. A good soak in GO or SG will free up most of the resin but you'll need a q-tip, paper clip, bobby pin or something of the like to get every last little spec out. Alcohol and salt helps the process too. Clean it as often as humanly possible if you want to make it easy on your self.

    I don't often see people considering abrasions to the glass caused by cleaning. Alcohol/salt is the worst culprit. It causes microabrasions that build over time to leave a scratched look on the glass. Most people don't care, notice or believe it happens. It does. If you want to avoid them, only use abrasive cleaners when absolutely necessary and only after you've soaked in a degreaser (SG, GO) to remove as much filth as possible. That goes for tubes and bubs by the way. It shouldn't matter on slides unless you're super picky.
  7. So if showerheads are the better ac for diffusion, which is better for suction, or has the least suction?

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