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Buying a Luke Wilson...

Discussion in 'Bongs, Dab Rigs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by jujubes, May 19, 2010.

  1. Hey OP I bet once u hit the 10-arm u arent even gonna want to add anything to it. :)

    It is a bad ass unit just the way it is. And all it takes is a 2 hr soak in simple green and its SPOTLESS.

    I have never had a problem with cleanin mine, and I HATE cleaning my shit.
  2. yea honestly its not that bad cleaning it, i do the same thing(let soak in sg). but i want a piece that i can move from my lw to my bong

  3. Thats what I am diggin about that SSFG AC. I could use that on both my bong and bubbler. Damn I wish I had some extra $ right now.
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    Would something like this work for my purposes? Like I said, I bet the thing is as smooth as can be already, and this would mainly be for keeping the unit itself clean, maybe add a little bit of filtering as well. I don't want to spend $150.00 on a a/c as that would be overkill for my purposes I guess is what I am saying.
  5. If you're just looking to keep it clean, seriously consider a carbon filter. They cost nothing compared to an a/c.
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    Tell me more about carbon filters :p
  7. Yezzir. But no links to competitor sites.
  8. Get a chubbler for the first stage.

  9. lol, so many options. Can you explain how this would work? Would I still do the slide out to clear the smoke? Or...???

    Any other ideas for what to do with my LW? Specific items too, if at all possible :D
  10. Yeah, SSFG has ridiculous versatility. I'm in the same boat. I've been taking ages to figure out what I want to do for a setup. I've never seen a chubbler although I feel like it might not clear smoke that well. You'd still pull it like any other slide but I feel like you'd be bound to get some stale smoke in there. Does anyone know anything about this?

    It's really just a slide with a percolator under the bowl. I imagine it'd be great for filtering the ashes but not super clunky. Seems perfect for most LW bubbler setups.
  11. Think a local glass shop would have them? I've heard it makes a bit of drag too
  12. Probably not. It's a fairly new concept and I don't think it's really caught on much. I imagine theres a reason for that.

    Although I'm interested in buying one of his chubblock sherlock arms and putting an LW diffused slide in it. It'll be an unspillable bubbler and while it's tall, the water section is corked so it seems like it'll be a nice hitting piece to be able to bring around.
  13. A chubbler is a type of ash catcher, that is completely inline, and used vertically.

    Here are two examples:

    The one on the left is a SSFG made chubbler, the one on the right is a "Percolator Bowl", becuae you know, Weedstar are "innovators" and "they came up" with this design (according to the description of it), and in no way just ripped off another design and renamed it.

    The reason i believe this design of A/C is the best for a LW bubbler, is becuase LW bubbler were designed to use flat on a table, not tipped over.
    All angled A/C's are going to put strains on the ground joint of a LW bubbler, even with adapters, and A/C's that have offset vertical joints are also going to put strain on the ground joints, becuase the weight is off to one side.

    The Chubbler is the best choice IMHO, becuase its designed to work vertically, just like the LW bubbler.​

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  14. Its only a slide if you buy it as a slide, you could just as easily order it from SSFG and request them to put a ground glass joint in the top of it, so you can remove your regular bowl and clear the A/C as usual (and they wont charge extra for that)

    There are plenty of other companys that make chubblers with a ground joint at the top, aswell as the bottom. the two examples i posted above are simpler versions with built in bowls.
  15. i am hitting my luke 10 arm mini bub as i'm reading this. when i got it at 42* in ann arbor, the girl at the shop told me that she tried every a/c in the shop on her luke 15 arm bub, and she determined that it was definitely best without one. i haven't tried any a/c's on mine, but i love it as it is, and i clean it on the reg.
  16. I just sold my Luke Wilson 10 arm mini bub! Not because I didn't enjoy it, I just wanted the funds for a tube. :]

    However, I think you will be veryyy pleased.
  17. to all the people who currently have one of the Luke Wilson bubblers... What do you use to carry it around in?

  18. They got PERFECT zip-up bag things at ALT . They are liek 49.90. But they have one that even has a pic of the 10-arm bub in it, and it fits perfectly.

    I may be wrong on that price, but ALT has em.

    I personally never take mine out of my house. :)

  19. I know you aren't supposed to post links to competitors sites, but I am having the hardest time finding out what you are talking about. Can you send me a message or something? I'd REALLY appreciate it :p

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