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  1. I'm buying a Luke Wilson 10 Arm Mini Bubbler on Friday... Planning on getting an ash catcher and a nice slide for it. What do you guys recommend? Don't want to spend Salt prices on a slide.The smoother and cooler the smoke is, the better :smoke:
  2. Disc diffused bowl? SSFG a/c?
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    It already has a disc diffused bowl piece made by Luke.

    I was looking at the SSFG a/c's as well as the Everest ones. Leaning towards this one a bit right now Everest Glassworks - Ash Catcher - 14 mm...
  4. It's up to you but for that price I suggest SSFG, much better diffusion, less cost. Get a clean inline.
  5. I'm new to expensive glass - where would I go to get a SSFG that would work with my 14mm slide, and still have the slide and everything work without being at too sharp of an angle since it is coming straight off the top? And is an inline that much better than a showerhead type ash catcher in this instance?
  6. search Soulshine Family Glass on google to buy. Yes the female joint can be 14mm and what do you mean straight off the top?

    An inline is very good, get's dirty fairly often but you'll love it. I couldn't tell you for sure between the two.
  7. What you posted was a pill bottle a/c not a showerhead. In my opinion showerhead > inline so I would grab the SSFG showerhead a/c.
  8. But the SSFG showerhead is also more expensive. If you wanna wait I'm getting a ssfg showerhead a/c in inthe next few days I can hit you up and compare the two. Shipped last tuesday should be here soon.
  9. Like I said, not the most knowledgeable person on glass. I've been seeing alot of inlines that have the area where the slide goes sharply angled upwards in comparison to the joint where it would go on my bubbler. I can see things fallling out of it if it, as it would be totally sideways - or is that not the case?
  10. May i ask why u are wanting an ashcatcher for it? if its to keep it clean i understand, but if its for more smoothness u might want to wait til u actually have it and try it, because lw are actually very smooth stock.
  11. It'd be mostly to keep it clean so I don't have to keep cleaning it out - it's going to see alot of use between me and my friends.
  12. oh ok then yea these things get FILTHY especially if its gonna be ur daily. Im still debating on what type of add on to get too. i have my eyes on a Kind creations inline a/c at the moment, i think it'll fit nice and clear the can part of the lw
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    The thing is though, most of the inlines I am seeing are meant for water pipes or beakers where the slide is coming out at an angle instead of totally vertical like on the LW, so the area where the slide goes into the A/C is at even more of an angle due to it being vertical... Or does it being at an angle not make a difference? Example being
  14. I have the 10-arm mini and I love it. :D I have been smoking out of it all day.

    I would like to see pics of it with the ash catcher. I think its a bit small to have one, but I guess u could try it. Believe it or not, its a VERY easy unit to clean.
  15. There are a variety of angle adapters available if it's really necessary. Pretty sure SSFG actually has some available.

    Showerheads are marginally better than inline diffusion. Since the slits are cut in a circle the smoke is released perfectly evenly. I'm not sure if there even is a better form of diffusion. Maybe the waffles but I don't know a whole lot about them.

    btw, if you're looking at that everest you might as well throw down another 30 bucks and get one of SSFG's pillbottle style shower head A/C's. He even has an inline A/C with a removable showerhead downstem now, does anyone know anything about that? Seems a bit excessive but wild nonetheless. His standard inlines are the best you will get for 90 bucks.
  16. the pill bottle style a/c's seem to be on an angle which will affect the water levels, so an inline style ashcatcher seems like the best route this is the one im talking about..
    Imageshack - dsc0001lg5.jpg

    also I've been recommended a carbon filter instead of an a/c, i guess for cleanliness a carbon filter is the way to go, but it adds a little drag to the hits

    fuckin high

  17. Dude I have a carbon filter. Used it once. Never used it again. :)

    I guess some people like em, but I find them to be in the way more than anything.
  18. ^^see thats what sucks about this carbon filter product. some people swear by it while others absolutely hate it! lol im not sure if i'll like it or not, but something about the taste and it filtering it out is also makin me not rush to buy one.
  19. OK, accidentaly deleted my post lol

    I was going to say, something like this would suit my purposes well... Any idea on the cost of something like it?
    Luke Wilson 10 arm bubbler, Hi si ashcatcher - Videos - The WEED Report

    Just want something that will keep my LW fairly clean, while maybe adding a bit of perc or diffusion to it. I realize that at first there are big jumps in quality pricewise, and as you get more expensive the differences start becoming very marginal. As much as I'd like to spend alot on something high quality, I really am unable to right now. :smoke:

  20. Its just not sturdy enough in my opinion to put big attachments on. It would be so easy to knock over.


    The inline they have on the first page there actually looks like it would fit nicely on the 10-arm mini. I would actually buy that right now if I had the $$. :)

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