Buying a Growtent + Loades more!

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by Vip-xXx, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. Ok guys, you might think this is over the top but im guessing all this im about to buy is normal.

    I realy do need your help before i do buy all of this as its going to cost around 500 quid

    Here is a list of all the stuff i will be buying and please do add to the list or take away.

    Buying from:

    1 x Wilma 4 Pot System
    1 x Dr100 Grow Tent 100cm x 100cm x 200cm
    1 x Diamond Grow Light with 400W Grolex Dual Spectrum Lamp
    1 x Maxiswitch 2 Way Light Controller (10A)
    1 x Budget Fan And Filter - 5''/125mm With Standard Ducting
    2 x Micromark 6'' Fan (Should i get 3?)
    2 x Easyrolls
    1 x Hygrometer With Max/Min & Humidity Reading
    1 x Hydroleca 8-16MM 50 Litre Bag
    1 x pH Down 250ml
    1 x pH Up 250ml
    1 x BioBizz Top Max 500ml
    1 x BioBizz Bio-Bloom 1 Litre
    1 x BioBizz Bio-Grow 1 Litre
    1 x BioBizz Leaf Coat 500ml
    1 x Cultilene Large Propagation Cubes 36mm x 36mm x 40mm - Tray Of 24
    1 x Clonex(50ml)

    Total: (inc. VAT) \t£486.77
    Total Weight: \t56.46 Kg

    Now my only concery is the Wilma 4 Pot System, Is this a good system?

    Is there anything that should be on the list that isnt there?
  2. Pictures ? Check out my grow.

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