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  1. I've seen this dwc system before from stealthhydro along with the bubbleponics kit, even though they're slightly overpriced then what you could build it for- it's worth it because it saves you all the work. This looks like a good set up to start hydroponics, but I think you'll be happier if you buy a 400watt hps instead of the big cfl. Cfl's can make great buds but the quality/yield from a 400hps beats that. You might be able to find a 400 cheaper than that too check insidesun.
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    yes but dont the hps get really hot?? cfls dont put of that much heat right?

    what is the best HPS, CFL, MH??
  3. Yea that is right about the heat thats why in small space grows cfls are used a lot. With decent ventilation the heat from a 400 shouldn't be so bad.

    Hps are best suited for flowering because they are in the red spectrum, cfl and mh are both in the blue spectrum and are better for vegetative. Cfl and mh can still be used for flowering and produce dank buds, and hps can be used to veg as fast as any other.

    I personally have only used cfls to vegetate my plants, they are convenient because of the low wattage/low heat/ close distance you can place them from the plant.

    I heard once that more red spectrum light in early veg of seedlings causes more males, I don't know if this is true but I've always used cfls(blue spectrum) and temps in the low 70s for my seeds and got average ratios of 7/10 females later on.

    I think the real question is which is the best for your grow. If you're in a space where heat will be the issue go with the cfl .
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    Yes, Thank you for all the help. CFL might be the one im going to go with because im gonna be growing in a closet. small area. approx. 3ft L 3 FT D 5 -8 ft tall.

    otherwise if i can find a smaller hps that will do better than those cfls?[
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    I don't see anything wrong with that kit. But for a first grow, want not use dirt?

    I spent $5 dollars on Miracle Grow Organic dirt. I mixed it with a $13 bag of worm castings. Then I used paper bags (free when I bought the dirt), doubled them up, cut them in half, and poured the dirt in. I went to the 99 cent store and grabbed two emergency safety blankets (aka Mylar) for 99 cents each. Cut it up with scissors and stapled it to the wall. I topped it all off with a couple of CFL, which couldn't have cost more then $20. Then add in a timer. So you figure $35 total.

    BTW, have you got your hands on some seeds or clones yet?

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