Buying a dab attachment - need help

Discussion in 'Concentrate Tools' started by 420stoned666, Feb 11, 2014.

  1. So I intend on buying a dab attachment for my one foot king volcano. Problem is, I forgot what size my down stem and what size attachment would fit my bong...
    I cant buy it online, I saw a perfect attachment on grasscity, its a blackleaf attachment and its only $35.
    Can I expect to buy a fair nail attachment and dome for $40 at my local headshop? I need some details before I go pick it up.
    I just need something that'll get the job done, nothing too crazy expensive.

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  2. I got two nails with my first small rig.  One titanium and one glass.  We used the Ti first day, then glass the next day.  I liked the glass a lot more actually, it tastes more pure.  Mine is amber colored, and was worried about how to know when its hot enough, but it actually starts to glow a bit just like Ti.  The glass nail was $10-12, and my dome came with my rig but I'm sure a basic one would be no more than $20-30... or you could get a domeless quartz/glass nail for about $25 and be done there.
  3. You can also look for something that's called a 'dab tray' picked one up at my LHS for $29.99 and I prefer it to my Ti nail, which for some reason takes forever to heat up, I got one or the larger nails though.. the dab tray just sits inside your down stem, definitely gets the job done.
  4. Although there is a thread on grasscity here I believe about cheap small rigs, ioffer was the site.  You may be better (and maybe cheaper) off to get an oil rig just for dabs cuz smoking dabs and flowers in the same piece will make it hard to get the reclaim.
  5. Yea that dab tray looks cool, I'm gonna check a couple shops near me I think one place had something similar.
  6. You should seriously consider your domeless options when you get your attachment! There are domeless Ti nails, domeless quarts nails, and glass attachments like the periscope that make regular nails domeless.

    Think about it ;)

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  7. What about the piece connecting the downstem and the actual nail??

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