Buying a Dab attachment - need help

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by 420stoned666, Feb 11, 2014.

  1. So I am interested in buying a dab attachment for my bong. I have a one foot king volcano, and I have a few questions because I am new to dabbing. I've dabbed a few times and smoked oil many times.

    I want to spend at least $40 on the attachment with nail and dome. Is $40 a good estimate for a fair setup here? I need your experiences from picking up dab attachments at your local headshop. On the grasscity store, they're selling blackleaf attachments exactly like I want for $35, but I don't want to buy one online.

    Also, I forgot what size my down stem and bong bowl are.. and it'd be weird to bring my bong to ask them what would fit it lol.

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  2. I dont want the most expensive set either, just something that'll get the job done.

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  3. grab a ruler and measure the hole to find size.

    i could get an adapter for $25 and a glass nail for $15 at my lhs, and a titanium nail for $25.

    however, due to my location in the midwest they are overpriced. a good headshop would probably be a bit cheaper.
  4. If you want a decent attachment its going to cost you more than that. I only recommend domeless nails. Mine was 125, one roommates was 150 and another roommate's was 165 but their universal nails so they'll all fit 14/19 male/female pieces. You could go the cheap alternative but everyone I know that does that ends up regretting it a few weeks down the line. It gets reaaaaalllly annoying dealing with sticky ass domes. And I don't suggest using oil in a dirty bong, it'll make it taste bad. I recommend an oil piece too. You can get a decent set up for 200 but most nice rigs with a nail will be 500ish

    If you don't wana go that way then I would suggest a Highly Educated nail and dome. Just make sure its Grade 2 titanium and don't get anything with porcelain or ceramic, that's low quality as fuck. But its still guna cost you more than that to get an adapter which will be minimum 10-15 if not more, a nail will be at least 30 (for a low quality one) and a dome will cost at least 15-20. This all real low end prices. Itd be cheaper getting a low quality domeless

    Just speakin from experience
  5. well at first i bought an adapter, nail (glass), and dome for about 25 just so i could start dabbing with my 12" beaker. then i went out of town and grabbed an actual rig for 50 with a nail (glass) and dome. this is perfect for MY needs, i dont dab a whole lot as im still loving flower, and oil rounds out my consumptions as opposed to being the only method for ingesting. thats my experience tho.

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