Buying A Car... 10K Budget.

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  1. bmw and undercut his price by a good 2k
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    That's a nice-looking e30, I'd go for that too.
    (of course, after seeing how it runs and feels with a test drive)
  3. the only problem with the bimmer is you could probs find a m swapped one for the same price
  4. Late model GS 300 or SC 300 with a 2JZ swap. 
  5. I would by a bike, and spend the rest on weed. Good excercise and good for the enviornment. Maybe buy a bus pass. That way, I could bring joints with me wherever I go and not have to worry about the po po. Driving is expensive. Car payments, registration, gas, oil change, repairs and traffic violations all suck.
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    Both of those cares already come with a 2JZ...
    That is probably the stupidest fucking advice I have ever read. He lives in Los Angeles, pretty sure he needs a car to be a productive member of society. 
    Oh, and I would never pay $7500 for an E30 I'm sorry but that is just flat out moronic. 
  7. No no no. It's smart advice. Fuck gridlocked freeways when you have diarrea. Fuck these asshole drivers on the road. If you are gonna buy a car, get a mazaradi and haul ass on an empty Kansas highway.
  8. Can't even spell Maserati.. Gtfo of the auto section? 
    I live in a city with some of the best public transit in the country and I sure as fuck would never be stuck here without a vehicle. Have fun walking or trying to take a bus to the mountains or to a different city. 
  9. get the 5 series.. but what year can you get for 10 stacks?
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    if you want a beamer I suggest saving about 5k more so that you have 15 to spend. You can buy a really nice 2006 - 2007 325i in excellent condition for 15k. U want to make sure that whoever had it maintained it well because they require high octane premium gas and the engines will become damaged over time without it. 
  11. G35 is in your price range. 
  12. depends on country in which the car was sent. the US never got Turbo straight sixes in a Lexus, you had to get a Supra for that, we had a choice of 3.0 straight six or 4.0 V8.
  13. good stuff here too!
    No, every GS/SC 300 comes with a 2JZ-GE. The 2JZ-GTE is in the Turbo Supra. The 2JZ-GE is also found in the non-turbo MKIV Supras. 
    What do you think the 3.0 straight six is?? A 2JZ... 
    Basically the only thing that is strongly advised on the 2JZ-GE is using the GTE headgasket and ARP headstuds if you're going to be boosting the car. It's pretty easy to boost a GE motor too. 
    I'm in the market for 5-speed SC300s at the moment actually. Supra has been my dream car for like ten years now and I'm not sure when I'll be able to afford one. I want the SC300 so I can still enjoy the 2JZ and learn how to work extensively on it. That way when I get my Supra some day, I literally know how to do everything. 
  15. When car shopping I was originally tempted by a couple cheap SC400s. Small high revving V8 in a tiny rear wheel drive car sounds perfect :p but they were in rough shape and insurance would be more ridiculous than it already is for a Jeep.
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    Personally, I'd try to find a good condition Lexus sc300(pre '98 if I remember correctly, you don't want vvti) in good condition. My reason would be it comes with a 2jz-ge motor which is the same as the naturally aspirated Toyota Supra motor. Those motors bone stock with an awesome turbo kit/fuel system/tune will safely produce ~800whp. If you upgrade the rods with something like Manley then you can push closer to ~1000whp. Those motors stock can handle a crazy amount of power.
    I used to live down the road from Boost Logic who has built some of the fastest supras in the world. A friend of a friend also worked there for quite a while. The guy next door who owns an exotic car store could literally have had any car he wanted and I heard his longest daily driver was a Lexus sc300 with a mild turbo kit on it that put out ~400-600whp.
    Also, suspension for a supra will work on a sc300 and vice versa. They are very similar.
    That friend of a friend who worked at Boost Logic has a 1984 300z with a 2jz-ge motor that he pulled out of a Lexus. Last time I saw it he was pushing ~700whp. There are videos of his car up on youtube as well as him talking about compound turbo kits. If you haven't heard of compound turbo kits you should check it out.
    Edit: lol, scrolled up a few posts and saw you talking about them already.
  17. Just not a good idea in this day and age, especially for someone who has to commute over 5 miles. I have a 1 hour bike ride to work, that means i've got to leave my place about an hour and 15 minutes early, just to get to work all sweaty and gross feeling, to work a 7-8 hour shift, to ride my bike back home at 12am in an area where there is very limited street lights in areas where people are doing 60mph. if i didn't die in 6 months of doing that i'd be amazed.
    And thats just work, it would take me over 2 hours to bike to my school..... 
    Just not a realistic option anymore. If i lived in an area where i was going 1-2 miles to and from i would LOVE to ride my bike instead of driving.... Fuck it, i'd even like to walk. Just not realistic. 
    And then what about rain? Fuck that. 
    And i live in NY, the winters are fucking cold, and it snows.... Again, not a good option. 
    On topic, all these cars being suggested are good cars. 
  18. 2005-06 Nissan Altima 3.5 is a good choice. Reliable, fast (same engine as g35/350z), very spacious and luxurious on the inside if you get the top model
  19. How about a Gremlin?

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