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Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by s12fever, Jun 10, 2006.

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  1. hey guys, i\'ve found the PERFECT remote place outdoors... gets alot of sun and is perfect to grow a nice little field...
    I\'m looking to buy like 50 + seeds, don\'t have to be the best, just off someone\'s hermie or whatever....As long as they grow plants, decent enough *no*
  2. I don\'t think you\'re allowed to do this kinda stuff over GC. I could be wrong though.
  3. You can not advertise for seeds on here. That is so irresponsible anyway.
    Don\'t you got 10 friends to get 5 to 10 seed from each of them. Or lose the weight out of the next ounce that you get and pick the seeds out. Give your customers a break on seed weight and you got your next harvest.

    Doing that I believe are grounds to be bann from this forum. And to display that your intent is to sell it?????!!!!!!

  4. lol \"Breaking the law big time\" ? do you have any idea what this website is about mate? HUMMM.

    Don;\'t think i havn\'t asked my mates already....first thing i thought of...
  5. theres been a problem with this lately...
  6. what do you mean?

  7. I think that applys to buying seeds from other people on the fourms
  8. It does. We can advise you on seedbanks where you can buy seeds but not offer to sell seeds and you shouldn\'t ask either.
  9. Oh ok then, sorry mods - please delete this thread.
    (Would have bought seeds off GC shop but i\'m broke):eek:

  10. But seeds don\'t have any thc in them. So they aren\'t drugs.

    The only reason customs can jack your seeds when you order them is because you are bringing plant matter over borders

    ...which is illegal no matter what, even if you were to order tomato seeds from europe (unless they had the proper permits and it was inspected).

    Edit: Plus this topic has been here for over a week, I think the mods would have locked/deleted it if it violated forum rules, I think you should continue looking and respond to any posts.
  11. Marijuana is a controlled substance -- the whole plant. Seeds are weighed out just like bud where the law is concerned.
  12. No dealing, seeds or weed, is allowed on this forum. Read the rules or you might find yourself banned. thanks
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