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Buying 5 Grams of Kush ~ Details

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Rhilo, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. My dealer said $100 for 5 grams. Is this a good price?
    And for one person, how long could this last me? :smoke:
  2. no 100 is a ripoff for a q. I could get 10 grams for 100, and honestly if you can't, you are being ripped off.
  3. Disregard this. I notice that you live in Florida. I hear that quarters go for 100-120 so that would be a little rip off, but not by much. It's your call in all seriousness.

  4. i live in florida as well...
  5. kudos to you dude. some people dont live in great places for bud. i pay 100 a q in upstate newyork.

    but if its all u can get man go for it, or even try to be like man people are tellin me they usually get 7 for 100
  6. And how strong are your connections? Considering OP's price I'm sure he doesn't have very strong connections. Anyway I'm off to work now, have a nice day every one! :wave:
  7. thats complete top dollar. Make sure you get what your ppaying for. Try to talk him into 6 for 100

  8. well i have met people throughout my herb inhaling career, but when i first started smoking i was getting q's for 100
  9. 5 gs for 100 is 20 g a gram no breaks... that's ridiculous. Most it should be is like 90 and that's still not a good price. I get a quarter for 100, and you should be able to get it for 100-120. Just tell the dealer you're not stupid and demand a lower price.
  10. Kick him in the balls and take his bag, and throw a 20 at him for the troubles.
  11. Floridas prices are not that bad... even if you are buying off some small time dealer who is just trying to flip an ounce you should be getting a better deal than that.
  12. That's a ripoff. My g's are $20, and my quarters are $100
  13. Yeah a quarter of dank in FL is $100. You should be getting 7 grams not 5.

    But fuck that I could go down the road and get a fat ass ounce of mids for $100 bucks
  14. ask him how much an 8th is and buy 2 8ths instead cause 5-$100 is ridiculous lol see if he falls for that shit hopefully he'll say like 50or 55 so you can laugh at him after...
  15. I live on Long Island, near NYC, and for the dank dank you get a quarter for 100. I could get a half of some regs for 50. You're being ripped off. Bud is supposed to be cheaper in bulk
  16. In my personal experience, dealers start cutting deals with you when you ask for eighths or quarters instead of individual or multiple grams.

    My dealer will gladly charge $100 bucks for 5 grams, but if the same cat asked him for a 1/4 it would still be $100.

    It seems a little shitty, but they're trying to make money in a black market, so no hate.
    Just have to know what to ask for. :smoke:

  17. It all depends on what you think buddy, I've had pickups that I would have been more than happy to spend $100 on 5gs as opposed to $100 for a q. While it's a general rule of thumb to have a q for 100-120 down there, it all depends on dank-ness. If it looks good to you and it looks like it'd be worth it, go for it! If it looks like it's not worth it, tell the dude that you're not trying to spend that much on that little product. He's a drug dealer, he knows what it's like to buy stuff for inflated prices

  18. 7 grams is a quarter, and most dealers give a deal by giving you a quarter for $100. I'm new to this dealer, so he's not really a deal-giver, I guess.

  19. 1/4s go for $100 here in Texas. (Mine are $80)
    And, 2 grams is not a little rip off. That's more than a quarter of your quarter.
  20. Your dealer is hardcore taxing you, OP. I get quarters of the dankest shit imaginable for 90 and even then my dealer will throw in an extra gram or 2 since I've been one his most loyal custos.

    Hell, recently when said dealer was out of town and I had to call one my backups, I STILL got the hookup from him even though I've only bought from him like 5 times total. 100$ for 7.5g of OG Kush? Please and thank you!

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