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Discussion in 'General' started by 12inchbong, Dec 13, 2003.

  1. Hey everyone. Finally found somebody around my parts with some acid. I'm gonna buy a vile from my friend's boss. He said that it has 100 hits in it, and I was wondering if this sounds right? I'm buying it for $120, so it's $1.20 per hit. That sounds pretty good to me, cause I can easily turn a profit on that. I'm gonna drop them out onto Smarties and sell them like that. Thursday night my friend and I are gonna take a hit each after school and trip out at some old hippie's house :) Can't wait!
  2. My friend, who is very experienced with acid, told me he used smarties to do it. But I was also thinking of just using sugar cubes, cause it will absorb into those...
    And where am I gonna get a sheet of 100 blotters? I thought there was some sort of special way to get the acid onto the blotters, or am I just retarded? Can you just pour the acid onto the blotters and it will soak in?
  3. just put a drop under your toung
  4. he doesnt need to take it, he needs to store it soemwhere to be sold off, putting 100 hits under his tongue would be a little craaazaaay.
  5. Get a large bit of paper and try it out.

    Or just drip one drop onto your tongue.

  6. *sigh*

    At least don't make it so obivous.

    My dealer offered me acid before, 10 trips for £2.00 and you needed to take about 10 to get an effect going on them but they were real strong when it started, anyone think thats different,anyone had to ever take 10 acid to feel it?
  7. one of my friends is getting acid next week after finals... they're on some blotter papers. We got like 1$ a hit....
  8. Neo, theres no selling or buying of any drugs here, enless you want to end up explaining to big bubba why it wouldn't be convienient for you to drop the soap. Sorry m8 find it on your own. As for talking about selling it, thats not exactly the smartest thing to do.

  9. that's the same with me if i want to get some, but not $1 a hit.
  10. Why the fuck would you put it on a hard candy? Like people have already said it would just run off, or it would take a long time for it to sink in. No matter what your friend says please use common sense. Jesus christ. If your that desperate to put it on something which won't soak it up that well, use an altoid, that's what I got my only acid ever on. Use sugar cubes.

  11. Just lookin out for you man. The cops don't care if you were jokin' around.

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