Buyers remorse

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  1. Ever bought a game, played it, then regretted buying it? Post that shit in here. Mine:

    - Warhawk
    - Socom: Confrontation
  2. Fuckin jet skiing games for the ps2.
    Oh wait, those games were the shit.
    I remember, I traded those bad boys in for mercenaries...
    What a horrid game.
  3. mischeif makers N64,it was girly and a retarded,annoying side scroller. SHAKE SHAKE!
  4. nba live 07, such as step down from 06.
  5. Back when I was a little kid and had an N64 I bought a basketball game. Turns out the "game" part was selecting your characters, and watch them play. You didn't play at all, the only thing you did was select characters. I remember it had good graphcis though... lol
  6. mafia 2

    I beat it in a week of casual playing. And i sold RDR for that piece of shit. Never seen a game get so much bad responses to it lol.
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    dead or alive franchise. Blown away by DoA2 on dreamcast... after that it's just bouncy boobs and fancy graphics.
  8. allgames i've ever bought.
    worldofwarcraft. spent 3 years on that bullshit.
  9. Homefront, sold it back 3 days later.
  10. Dragon Age: Origins, Bad Company 2, and Mafia 2.
  11. COD: Black Ops
  12. Ouch I love Dragon Age:Origins and BC2

    there are tons of games ive botten and regretted instantly, I get buyers remores all the time for all sorts of things.

  13. Bad Company 2 wasn't a bad game. I actually enjoyed it for the week that I did own it, the gameplay just felt too slow for my tastes.

    DA:O on the other hand...well, I was hoping for an Elder-Scrolls type Mass Effect type game and was VERY dissapointed. Idk what the hell I was thinking buying it without watching gameplay videos for myself and listening to people on a message board.

    Though, i can see why some people like it. Bioware is a GREAT company, Mass Effect being my favorite series in video games and all.
  14. You don't know buyers remorse until you get a veteran vietnamese hooker..but having said that...XD world of warcraft
  15. I'm pretty sure the most recent one for most gamers was Brink. What a failed overhyped broken piece of crap.
  16. How bout a hooker that was Vietnam vet?
  17. modern warfare 2
  18. brink
    fable 3
    any COD past COD3
  19. Any madden game on 360

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