Buyers beware: Grasscity customer service sucks or scam

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by bhuynh, Aug 4, 2017.

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  1. I ordered 3 glass pipes from Grasscity around July 1. When the package arrived (July 8), there was only 1 piece. I immediately contacted their customer support and explained the situation. Rep said that they will re-ship the missing piece which will be from a third party vendor. Fast forward another week, nothing arrived. On July 15, I emailed them and asked for a refund at this point. Their rep said that the missing pieces were shipped, therefore I couldn't get the refund until I return the package. On July 28, still, nothing showed up. I email them again for reshipment tracking. Rep said he would get it back to me within "24 hours" and reassure me that "they got this covered." August 3, still nothing, email them again today, but I don't have any hope up for this.

    Here are ss of my email with their rep

    tl;dr Don't do business with grasscity, if there's trouble they will not give your money back. You have been warned.
  2. You need to calm down damn... since you got one in a week it was probably in a warehouse in your country... the other two were probably in an entire different country. It's not uncommon for grasscity shipments to take 30+ days... most people on the forums don't even pay attention or use the website lol this isn't the right place to complain... many just like you do this same shit just to come back in a week and say they got the package yadayada.... of course they aren't refunding you at 30 days just because you wanna cry lol you should of known better and researched the shipping times it's a very common thing....

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  3. You can get REAAAALLLYYY nice pieces on Amazon believe it or not. Really thick glass. Well crafted. I got a two footer with two separate Chambers each with percs and an ice catch for $35. I swear to God. My wife surprised me with it. I've spent $120 on half as much. I was so shocked I had her buy two more for some colleagues of mine.
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  4. Sorry she's super dirty right now. Named her Ascendio. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  5. You can get nice pieces almost anywhere lol. But the most important thing is to make sure it's shipping from within the country or else it can take forever and is very common to take a month+ for some grasscity pieces lol.

    Nice little piece though. Didn't want to wait for mine so I bought it in a headshop.... he let me snag it for 35 bucks off since he had a few of em and all I had was a 100.... it smokes great though I like it... have an ashcatcher on it and a bowl with 6 little holes that really rip... bought it after I shattered my damn helix I loved. [​IMG]I don't have a problem buying online it's just most of the time I'm buying one because one broke and I need one right then not in 1-3 weeks lol... but if I need to buy a cheaper one I go into gas stations... nice little generic roors with thick glass for 40-50 bucks can't complain when in a pinch... however this one I have no has been doing me great for over a year now. Maybe I'll have the money to get me a new piece soon I would like to buy me a nice little cheap one since I'm not in a hurry for it lol.

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  6. I believe if I remember correctly these actually came from China. Again I was skeptical. It was supposed to take like over a month almost a month and a half to ship. At least they were honest about it. I thought whatever $35 is worth it even if it's only decent. It got here in like four days or five days and was way better quality than I expected. I was shocked. Never thought to look for glass on Amazon.
  7. I'm going to close this. This is between the Grasscity Shop Support and you. The forums aren't attached to the Shop any longer.

    That being said, on behalf of Grasscity, my apologies for the inconvenience. At one time, I could help with issues like these that came up, I no longer have that ability.

    Also, while it might take a little while to get it worked out, it should get worked out for you.
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