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Buy weed in bulk to take to college, or wait until I get there and try to find some.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Jesse333, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. Alright, so here back home, I have a pretty legit connect. He always has some of the dankest buds around, is a real cool dude, and sells to me for reasonable prices.

    So I leave for college next week and I play on smoking at least a few times a week. Do you guys think it would be best for me to just get a cut now, and then try to find more bud once I get there, or should I get a half o now to take with me?

    My fear is that I won't be able to find bud as good as what I can currently get and for cheap as it is now when I get to college. I'm a real awkward dude so I don't easily make friends so trying to get a new connect can be difficult sometimes for me.

    And if I keep the bud in an airtight jar, it should easily last a few months, right? Even in the quality drops just a tad, I'd be okay with that.

    On the other hand, I was hoping to find certain unmentionables in college, and getting some good weed connects would probably be my only chance of that happening, so if I bring a lot with me, I wouldn't be associating with anybody who might know where to get what I've been looking that kinda messes that up.

  2. What college you going to?
    Find a middle point, take a decent amount with you just in case it takes a little bit to find a dealer.
    I'm sure you'll find other smokers man, its fucking college haha.
    How far away is the college from your current guy?
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    Well the real question is simply where are you going to be living when you get to campus. Are you going to be in dorms or are you living off campus. Most freshmen are required to live on campus until a certain age or credit hours.

    if you are living on campus in a dorm I would urge you to keep a limited amount of smoke on yourself and in your dorms. Campus PD can and will come into your room to investigate any suspicions of cannabis use and it can (if found/discovered) get you expelled from the university. Colleges are notorious for ganja and after networking a bit finding a supply isn't very hard. At no time would i EVER suggest smoking in your dorm or on campus as this will ten fold your chances of getting expelled. Just be smart and safe. :)

    if your living off campus then bring all you can =) ! Its your own domain (other than regards to landlords or renters) and if you want to blaze down then do so as long as it isnt attracting police attention. :smoke:

    As far as storage... if your cannabis is properly dried and cured then potentcy will not be lost and you can store it for years (1-3yrs. give or take). You just have to weigh risk/rewards of what your living situations are. Finding smokers on campus or off isnt very hard so !
  4. I'd bring a ounce with me and then start looking the day I get there. Smoke some people up and make new friends.
  5. On or off campus?
  6. on campus
  7. Too risky on campus. I would bring 2 weeks worth and find a new connect.

    I would hate to live on campus, sounds like theres very little privacy not to mention the officials can easily come in and search your room.
  8. buy your half o from the guy you know now, when you get to college ask people if they wanna sesh and you should eventually get contacts there from the people you smoke with.
  9. I wouldn't risk not being able to find anyone right away, but you never know. I did the same thing you were thinking and brought a half with me my freshman year of college, but ended up finding the dealer that I still use to this day during the first weekend (which was kind of ironic seeing as he was from my home town but we never knew eachother until we met at college in philly.) But it's better to be safe than sorry IMO.
  10. Take a quarter pounder, you can make $ back from new friends
  11. Half an O bulk? lol that wont even last me 2 weeks.
    I thought you were gonna say a pound.
    Just get weed at campus dude.

  12. That's you though. A half O would last me at least a month.

    OP, I would bring at least a 1/2 definitely.
  13. Take as much with you as you can, im going back for my second year and im taking a qp with me. If you got a great connect with good prices it makes no sense to go over to college with nothing on hand. Bring some dank bud and its much easier to find other people with dank bud then you just ask where they got it. My first year was on campus but we had a pretty legit townhouse setup where campus cops really didnt do much. If your in a dorm smell can be an issue so just bag and jar that shitt
  14. Definitely pick up a half o. It's not even a question.
  15. I found my first year that it isn't hard at all to find other smokers (and I wasn't even a regular smoker then), which means finding hookups. I would bring enough to last a few weeks, but like others said it's risky keeping it on campus. Don't give them a reason to suspect you and you should be fine, and keep your stash inside of a backpack or something like that. At my campus at least they can look around and in your closet but they can't search through your personal bags, just read up on the housing policy to know your rights. Also don't smoke in the dorm, it's just not worth the risk.
    I myself am waiting to get to school to stock up, there I can find the finest of shit while at home that's a different story. :smoke:
  16. Better to go to class prepared:D
    aka BULK UP!:cool:
  17. This is exactly my situation. I'm headin off to Kent for school in a week, and I just picked up a half o. My dilemma was the same, and I've decided to keep most of it at home. Maybe I'll bring an 1/8 with me so I can have bud while I'm trying to find a new connect and buddies to burn with. My only problem is figuring out where to blaze...

  18. The quality doesn't drop much over time in an airtight jar, it can last for longer than 10 years honestly.
  19. College = College parties there you go!

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