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Buy seeds in Virginia.

Discussion in 'Cannabis Seeds Banks' started by Jon Doe 420, Oct 12, 2011.

  1. Just wondering if there are any seed banks that'll ship to Va.
  2. most will ship the U.S. ( they only care about country not state)

    a couple of good seed banks IMHO are
    The Attitude
    The Seed Boutique: AKA Gypsy Nirvana ( not part of Nirvana Seeds)
  3. Cool thanks. Oh, do you know of a strain that has low odor and stays relatively small? Maybe an auto that doesn't smell much? Appreciate your input.
  4. sorry, I stinky strains.
  5. G13 Labs Quicksilver is an auto with not much odor, reached a couple of feet under a 600w HPS.

    I like the dwarf strains from World Of Seeds more but they had a real dank smell to them, they did stay smaller though being dwarf :smoke:
  6. I wish I was growing with HID. But cfls will have to suffice for now. How about Northern Lights? I hear they have low odor. If I veg for two weeks and throw it into flower it should stay relatively small, right?
  7. Try Onyx rom short stuff seeds. You can get femmed versions two.. Attitude sells them.
  8. ^^short stuff crossed Onyx with Romulan ?^^

    if so, I may actually be buying a pack of autos.......

    EDIT: ohh NVM..it's a "ypotay" ;) ..but it would be a cool cross........
  9. Sounds like a plan and its better than growing autos :smoke:
  10. get femaleseeds.nl version then .. it matures the quickest of all NLs IME
  11. So how much of a risk is there when getting the seeds? I'm sure having them sent to my house with my name would be bad. But would I really have to worry? How do others go about it?
  12. Just order :cool:
  13. You're all good with ordering from Nirvana... VERY stealthy packaging. ;)
  14. just put in your order .. and when it comers time to enter in a "sender" name .. put in your name ..just with a typo = Plausibly Deniable

    also a disposable CC is a good idea.. I never use em..but if they look at my credit cards my ass is already busted, so.........

    getting PO box is a good idea IMO. I use one and have for over a decade. only for grow related stuff with no problems. But I know lots of growers who order to their homes ( or trusted friends home) with no problems either ...
  15. Thanks for all the info guys. Sadly though I won't be able to purchase for about a month but trust me I will. I have some bag seed growing now. I should be chopping in a week or so. The trichs are starting to turn cloudy and I'm waiting to see about 50% Amber. Can't wait.

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