Buy schwag on purpose?

Discussion in 'General' started by smokeytheburr, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. I know this shitty ass dealer but hes a cool guy and fun to be around but he sells the shittiest weed ever lol all stems and seeds. So obviously I dont buy from him but sometimes if he needs money i just buy some of his weed out of pity. Any of you done this?

    btw came by today dropped off some damn good stuff so he must have found a better connect. He was like want a blunt for 5 bucks and i just got paid so i was like what the hell... it turned out to be pretty good. I just took it out of the blunt since i hate smoking blunts vs. bowls.
  2. i buy brick all the time. it gets me high and feeling just right. and its cheap as hell.. i never buy dank.. but i do grow it :)
  3. You're not helping him by buying it, but I know what you mean.

    I helped out a store like that once, he said it was the last night before rent and he was short 200 bucks, I bought 200 bucks worth of stuff, but only cause I go there all the time and after that he gave me mad discount. It was a fish store in LA.
  4. He was probably just buying the brick to make a better profit, but realized that the real money is in good weed.

  5. Nah man stop buying his shit, if he wanted more customers he'd sell better weed.

    Besides if this guy is selling bad weed as a primary source of income he's an idiot, and its not your responsibility to keep handing over your hard earned cash because you feel sorry for his stems and seeds-weed.
  6. I just had that shit he gave me yesterday.....
    Good god... Im so fucked up dude.
  7. I'm planning to buy schwag sometime. A ounce for 50 bucks. My money is strict right now so.
    One thing best about schwag, is rolling a blunt and smoke it. FUCKING LOVE BLUNTS!
  8. 50 blunts to the dome should do something... right? lol

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