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  1. I know, right! 2 shots of Stoli and a few grams of pot from any coffee house in Amsterdam and you could be a pharmaceutical company too! Big Pharma is getting nervous about the medical use laws and are now trying to play catch up. By introducing MJ extracts as a drug they can rake in huge profits for little to no cost basis and use part of that profit to lobby against legalization.
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    It is so expensive because there are many people involved in creating this product. You have to pay for the salaries of the research chemists that synthesize the product, researchers that conduct the animal trials, the multi-million dollar clinical trials that involve patients and paid volunteers, patents and regulatory fees, and so on. The lab equipment is also insanely expensive. You have to pay for the salaries of engineers that build those products, too.

    Big Pharma has to make a lot of money and pay for the salaries of many people. Many educated people's careers are tied up in the development of medicines, so don't get too uptight about the costs. It isn't all just going to greedy corporate leaders.

    I work in the research field and if people weren't giving my lab hundreds of thousands of dollars (or millions if you consider the equipment too), I wouldn't be employed.
  3. Not that I don't agree with what you said, but it's the principle of the thing. We, the people who are asking for the right to medicate legally with cannabis, shouldn't have to pay Big Pharma's prices for a medicine we can grow in our back yard without any kind of expensive technology. We don't want their technology. We never asked for them to meddle with our medicine, as it is perfect in its purest form straight from my garden. And we shouldn't have to ask for this right anyway according to the Constitution of the United States of America. So although you make a perfectly legitimate point in regards to whatever labs you may be familiar with, it's a moot point where this instance is concerned.
  4. Yeah, I don't agree with people not having free access to cannabis. But I would think that some patients would benefit from these treatments as they are very convenient and can have a very precise dose of THC (I know that there are other cannabinoids that complement the medicinal affects of THC).

    If you don't want it, then you don't have to buy it! I understand that several lobby groups want to isolate the market for their own benefit, and keep the plant illegal, but we shouldn't bash on the products themselves. It is medicine after all.
  5. i support any medical use when it's real cannabis


    let the insurance co. deal w/prices

    just heal

  6. I agree with what you have said in your posts, however my real issue is that many of the local PCT (NHS trusts) will not pay for Sativex because it is so expensive - £125 per 10mls ($200+)

    So in fact yes there is a spray out there for them, but unless you pay for it yourself you aren't getting on the NHS.

    However if MJ was made legal, people could produce similar products at home, I have and it's not hard and for tenth of the price.

    The other issue I have with the whole GW Pharma deal is that MJ is still illegal in the UK however after donating large sums of cash to the Labour Government they got the license to grow over 90 tones of MJ a year in the South of England - It just seems one rule for them, and another for us.

    Rant over :D

  7. let the insurance co. pay, that's what i say.....

    i would love to share a few sprays w/ my deceased relative....

  8. First off that's great if you have private medical but prob 90% of UK patients will rely on the NHS funding it and they simply will not fund it.

    So in the UK the Rich will benefit and the poor will continue to suffer - I have private medical so it's not an issue, but I am concerned for everyone else who could benefit from this drug as they won't get it.

    V sad really

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  10. cheeky bugger with the guinness & bass joke :D, used to have guinness & milk but that's another story lol

  11. joking? make one

  12. serious? is it nice?

  13. yes. the guiness will float on top of the bass if your pour just right

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  14. You're missing the point. Is all that necessary? NO. ffs you could grow your own for practically free instead of being forced to pay hugely inflated prices. THAT is the issue here, not how to justify the raping of law abiding citizens.
  15. so if i understand correctly, they are taking about a gram of cannabis, turning it into a tincture which costs pennies to make and isn't a new science or anything, and selling it for about $800. Sounds like pretty clear cut extortion to me.
  16. Black & Tan. My favorite. :)
  17. I'd rather buy a couple of O's

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