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buy more weed or a vaporizer

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by weedisnoweed, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. I was thinking about buying an Iolite because they have one at my local head shop, but i was also thinking about taking that 200 dollars i have saved up and buying a half o of dank and just using waterfalls, homemade bongs, and my glass bowl. is it worth it to buy a vaporizer or should i just get the weed?
  2. Fuck kind of question is that? Weed.:cool:
  3. Get a MFLB. :cool:
  4. Yes it is worth it to buy a vape imo, your also going to conserve herb in the long run with a vape. But buying a half of dank is really really tempting don't get me wrong lol. :D GL with your decision. :)
  5. haha true good call what good is a vaporizer if i use up all my money on it, cause if i do then ill be able to get like a gram a week which is not enough for summer, good call. :bongin: nothing like a nice waterfall or bong hit
  6. Vape. Do the math.
  7. yeah but its also summer, i love blazing all day. i'm thinking more short-term not long-term because it's summer, later i will get one but now is not the time
  8. Never used a vape but doesn't it end up saving the amount of weed you'll need to smoke? in that case getting it now would be a good investment for later in the winter when weeds a (lil) harder to get
  9. i have an iolite(got as a gift so none of my money)

    i love vaping, anytime of the day is great and i have plenty of energy to do whatever

    i find that a "vape" high is completely different then other pieces, during the day im ok with just vaping it, but later in the day i really want to add to my high so i will always vape first and then take bong rips or roll a joint w/e

    what im trying to get to is..idk buy a pipe for 20 bucks and smoke out of there cause you might end up wanting alott more then jus a vape high..

    :smoke: baked
  10. *facepalm*

    It kills me when non vape owners post in a vape question thread.

    I used to get bored with my bong. I bought a vape, and it changed my high by being different. Now if I hit my bong it space cakes me. If I hit my vape (almost nightly) it saves my herb. It only takes my gf and I a bowl or 2 (high tolerance) and I can sleep.

    Don't be greedy now, buy a Silver Surfer and you'll thank me and yourself later.

    Save up for the $50 you'll need for the tons of vaping you'll be saving.
  11. ^^ hope not directed at me

    but our posts were like opposite, u find that your satisfied with a vape? idk how to put it...but i need something else with it


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