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Buy a Vaporizer? To Buy or not to buy? Anyone?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TheTruth34, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. I smoke often. Some weeks every day, others only two to three times a week. I do sports and like to stay fit while still smoking weed (which is awesome) and I tried my friends $70 bong-like vaporizer that seemed to work well. Have you ever used one? and should I buy myself one?

    I think they are better for the lungs and would like one for MY personal smoke sessions an would probably still smoke my pipe sometimes. INPUT?:confused:
  2. Absolutely. Purchasing my hands free VaporBrothers vaporizer was the best weed related purchase I have ever made. It's way healthier than smoking and it will save you lots of weed. If you really like smoking out of bongs you can often find a fairly cheap attachment that will let you vaporize through your bong.
  3. Safest way to get high next to ingestion, but this way you get more of the thc than mostly anything else.
  4. If you like to spend less money on weed, and be more active when ur high, and be healthier, and stink up your house less, then buy it. invest in a volcano, then you'll never have to work your way up to a better piece.

  5. Only if you decide you want a bag vape. I know of many people who have multiple vapes including the Volcano, and the 'Cano is sitting in their closet collecting dust and the only time they pull it out is when they need a party vape.

    You don't need to spend that kind of money to get a good vape.
  6. i wouldnt get a 70$ vape go for the 150$ vapor bros or da budda

    both are great vapes with great rep and customer service, you want a vape with a warranty and a good rep
  7. Curious as to which vape you prefer Iwien?

    I'm looking to get one when I get a more permanent apartment.
  8. It really depends on how you plan on using it and what your priorities are.

    Is it primarily a personal vape, or is it gonna be used as a party vape a lot?
    Do you need a portable vape.
    Do you want huge bong like rips at the expense of using more weed?
    Do you want a vape that is extremely efficient?
    What is your price range?

    A lot of people I know have multiple vapes including myself, and they all get used at different times for different situations. But for your first vape, you kinda got to nail down how you will be using it MOST of the time and how important efficiency is to you.
  9. I want a personal one that's fairly efficient. Price range...I don't want to go above $200 if I don't have to.

  10. If you said REALLY efficient, I would suggest the Purple Days.

    But if you want one that is just fairly efficient, especially as it compares to smoking, and still want those huge bong like rips, I would suggest Da Buddha.

    Both under 200 bucks.
  11. Thanks for the suggestions man. I'll look 'em up.

  12. Yeah, i guess you're right. but i was using my vapir mini for a while, and i worked perfectly, then i got a volcano, and havn't touched the mini or my bong, or a pipe since. idk, i think its just overall the best piece on the market. I dont throw big parties either.

    but i will admit, its far from "on the go"

  13. The 'Cano is a great vape, ESPECIALLY when you compare it to ANY Vapir product. It's one of the best engineered products on the market.

    It makes a great party vape because there's no learning curve for your guests. All they need to do is suck on a bag.

    But for many, including myself, a bag vape just has too high of an air to vapor ratio, and if I really want big hits, I like the taste better from a whip based vape that has a high vapor to air ration, ie, very thick, rich vapor.

    But for a daily workhorse, being that I don't grow my own bud, and what I buy is very expensive top grade med bud from the dispensaries, I use a vape that is the most efficient vape on the planet. The bowl only holds 0.025g and I can get 4 big hits off of one bowl so it saves me a bunch of cash. Can't do that with a Volcano or any other vape out there.
  14. I picked up the extreme vaporizer for $324 after taxes. Best purchase ever.

    The other night ew eloaded up a bowl into the extreme, this bowl was usually enough to get one of us stoned. But using it with the extreme we got all four of us (me and my friends) completely baked out of our minds.

  15. Great vape. Does bags AND whips. And it even has a fucking remote control and Arizer gives some of the best customer service around.

    Here's some great info on the Extreme. Some great user tips also:

    How To Use The Extreme Vaporizer - Vaporpedia
  16. From the top of my head i can only think of one or two negatives for this vape

    1. Everything is made out of glass. This is a negative because it decreases portability and durability. Though its very light, so with a travel bag (backpack for me) or something its alright to carry around.

    2. Since its got a digital sensor ive heard that it might have a lower lifespan than one with an analog temp control would have.

    Though lots of positive

    It's very efficient
    the vapor tastes awesome
    It's really damn variant, bags, whips, aromatherapy.
    Also you can really just set it and forget it, especially with the 2 hour timer it has.
    Did i mention its really efficient
  17. dean-yo. you better get a vape ive been wanting to use one for a while. we can sesh it in the pit.
  18. im looking into tdah buddah as well

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