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buy a pipe, or stick to joints

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Schildpad420, May 3, 2011.

  1. when it's saturday night and i'm headed to the city to have a nice time, I usually smoke 1 or 2 joints ( .7 - 1.0g a joint). When I enter the club i'm baked and have a nice time. But now I'm thinking of buying a nice spoon (glass ofcourse). Should I do that. Will a spoon be more convieniant for me? (I already have a bong, but just can't bring a bong with me into the city.)


    (ps. I am way too high to type, so my grammer is probably not correct xD)

    I love you guys
  2. Well convenience is a matter of opinion, but I like pieces for a number of reasons. For one thing I think it helps you to taste the bud that you are smoking (no burning paper to mask the taste). Also, IMO it is more efficient than a joint. Just think of all that smoke that gets away between puffs. For car rides though, a joint is still probably safer since it smokes down to nothing and is easily pitched or swallowed in an emergency.


  3. I agree with this.. glass is nice at home, not so nice to travel with..
  4. I'd say either a metal or glass spoon, if nothing else it'll be handy when you run out of papers...
  5. in the long run i find it's nice to have a piece in general, but for going out it's much easier to roll yourself a few joints and put them in a cigarette case or similar container. like someone else mentioned they smoke down to nothing and that makes for no evidence yo!
  6. love you too lol:D
  7. Js cause once you smoke it the evidence is gone..

    PS love you too babycakes

  8. What are you doing during this stage? If you're walking down a busier street, or driving a car, stick with a joint. If you're a passenger in a car, or in a parked car, then a pipe would be nice. It just depends on the situation.
  9. I recommend a medium sized bowl that holds 0.5g
  10. one hitter ftw!
  11. Glass is riskier since you're always going to have it with you but it feels more personal, conserves a bit more weed, and you can pack different sized bowls.

    I prefers pipes personally,
  12. glass steamrollers ftw
  13. I love my pieces. For example, I'll run you through last night/this morning:

    Went over to my friends house around 9, smoked a chillum bowl on the way over to rejuvenate my high. Got there, rolled two blunts and smoked em at a park, pulled out my other pipe to finish the resin covered roachs. Started heading back and loaded another bowl then loaded another when we got back to his house. Woke up, smoked a few bowls, rolled a joint, put it into a gravity bong, then smoked the roach out of my pipe. Then smoked a few more bowls later.

    To me it's all about convienence, if I wana smoke now, I can, and quick without having to role a joint/blunt. Once you get it you'll try to see how it was possible to not have one before.
  14. :D i would go for a spoon or pipe if you want to conserve weed more , but joints are awesome and more discrete , if somebody saw you they would know staright away what your doing
  15. I smoked only joints until 2 weeks ago when I bought a pipe. I haven't rolled a joint since. :/ Though I did buy a new pack of papers this week to try to motivate myself. Haha. I opted for a metal pipe.
  16. Thanks for for the advise. I decided to buy a pipe and I like it. Still love joint though. They are just classic.
  17. get a little bubbler, still portable and will still get you faded.
    pieces just dont do it for me personally.. not sure if its just me or its just that im a bong fiend :smoke:
  18. Stick to joints, can always eat the evidence
  19. #19 BurnAFewDown, May 23, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 15, 2016
    I've eaten a bong....

  20. you just made my day man hahaa :smoke:

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