Butthead what are you doing?

Discussion in 'General' started by 420girlie, Nov 7, 2002.

  1. I need attention ;)
  2. Here I am! I am slow but I do show up! LOL]

  3. Thanks bud, I needed that ;) I could use a little more though *lol*
  4. Oh yeah, nothing like a whole lot of smiley butt lickin ;)

    So, how have you been?
  5. I'm doing great! I wish that I could get these customers to quit calling me tonight. I've been on my co phone for the last two hours! Oh well thats where my money come from.

    I hope your stoned as I am tonight!
  6. You know it, and i'm in the middle of making barbequed cheeseburgers and steak fries and great stuff ;)

    p.s. I alaways miss you when I log off ;)

    oh yeah, and hows the squirt?
  7. I put her to bed about 10 minutes ago. If she gets her teeth cut in, she'll be doing great.. She is such a good baby anyway!

    Cheeseburgers and steak fries. Damn PM me some of those fuckers! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm good!
  8. My little bro got teeth at three m,onths. Girls are waaayyy better.

    I am so full dinner was sooo good ;)
  9. Girls are better until.. I hope as a father, I can handle the teen age years. I don't even want to think about that..
  10. Argh my god!!!! What are the faces doing????!?!??!?!? Aaaarrgghhhhh my eyes!!!!!!!!

  11. I don;' t know how I missed this reply my friend!

    I'll have to get started early and go to bed late! LOL

    Still might need some help though!
  12. I wouldn't really mind a few more men on the job *lol*

    oh, beware the teenage years Butthead. Don't even try to talk to her. especiallly about girlie stuff, she doesn't even want to go there with you so don't try you'll just embarass both of you.
  13. I'll start all that stuff when shes about ten. I'll work up to all the goey stuff as she grows. I just hope I can have a very respectfull relationship with her. I know it was easier with the boys than it will be with her!

    If I still need help, I'll call you!
  14. When I was younger it made me shudder all the way to the depths of my soul when my dad tried to talk to me about girl stuff. He kidnapped me and made me live with him in seventh grade which was really shitty timing, that's when I needed my mom the most, woth the whole getting my period and liking boys thing, but there's not much I can do about it now I guess.

    I'm sure The squirt will be more open with you though because you seeem like a pretty open minded daddy.
  15. I do try my best to be understanding and helpfull to my kids. Parents atre supposed to teach their kids not be ruller over them. If you don't want your kids to do some thing then teach them not to do it....

    Also kids are people too.. Don't lie to them. They WILL find out and then you have a real problem on your hands!
  16. My dads an obsessive compulsive psycho if he didn't smoke bud I think he would freak out. I used to have really bad OCD when I was younger but eversince I started smoking pot it went away for the most part. Only once in a very great while will I feel a really strong need to do something. When I was little I had to touch stuff over and over again an even amount of times with all of my fingers. In about sixth grade I started smoking bud and I just kept telling myself I didn't need to do that shit but I think I just smoked so much pot my brain forgot about all thjat shit. I should be a doctor and study the possibility of medical bud as treatment for OCD.

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