Butterfly pipe!

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  1. My cute butterfly pipe! :) How should I clean it?


  2. damn that is a very beautiful piece. i love how the colors work together. how much was it?
    as far as cleaning goes, some iso alcohol and coarse salt works for many. +rep
  3. That's a cute pipe. For cleaning ^^, that's what I do for bongs. I don't usually clean pipes unless I been dry for a while and want some resin, then I use a paper clip. I'd do the alcohol and salt method on that piece because it would be a pain to scrape.
  4. It was only 15 dollahs
  5. ohhh that is beautiful!! i'm jealous.
  6. that is freakin nicee~
    is it glass? you could soak it in grunge off or simple green.
  7. haha pretty sweet for 15 bucks. is it glass?
  8. I think a mixture of rubbing alcohol, hot water, and salt works great for cleaning any pipe.
  9. Sweet unique pipe. Looks like its going to clog alot though.
  10. haha sick my girlfriend likes butterflys. and salt and rubbing alco works goods.
  11. looks like it is made of clay..? could be wrong..but i have a few similar looking pipes (not butterflies lol, but it is clay) that i picked up in costa rica for $10. very nice! not too sure about iso/salt though if it is made of clay

  12. thats a unique little pipe, i'd suggest a pipe cleaner dipped in iso
  13. It's like clay with a wood bowl...it's wierd lol, thats why I was unsure about cleaning it.
  14. i would go with pipe cleaners/hot water first and see if it works..just be careful. idk if i would use the iso/salt with wood and clay
  15. Let hot water run through it for a few minutes, see if some resin falls out. If your ok with possibly messing it up then try a pipe cleaner dipped in alcohol. Rinse really well afterwards. Some materials were never meant to be cleaned, this is why glass is superior.

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