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  1. well, i think i have butterflies in my stomach. maybe a little =] but, i'm in a play, and it opens tonight! so i had to chatter about it to some place, and what better of a place than this!

    <3 beth

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  2. He cool! what kinda play,

    are you a proffesional actress?

  3. good luck in your play. what kind of play is it? anywasy, have a good time.


    [​IMG] HighasakitE [​IMG]
  4. i stared in a play before, i was johny angel. it was fun any way. have a good damn time. capture the butterflies, break a leg and bring down the house. lol

  5. Used to do plays alot (Thespians and a local theatre group).Butterflies are good/normal they help you to focus once on the stage. Break a leg. [​IMG]
  6. <font color = "blue"> I find it amazing that we have so many thespians here. I was heavily involved in theatre during high school and college and have also done several community theatre productions. Some very good memories...I have been feeling the urge recently to audition for another show.

    Have a great run and break a leg. </font>

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  7. before all you other actors/actresses try and steal my spotlight...

    i just got home not too long ago from the show. it went really well. a little about this show to know--

    it was put on by a small troupe who usually works together and plays a few different places; the venues are usually small theaters in the local area. this time, the troupe decided to try something interactive, and do it in a coffee shop (too bad it's in california and not amsterdam). now this presents an interesting atmosphere. the monologues and dialogues are actually being spoken AND played out.. in the audience, the venue was our stage.

    as for the content, it was thrown together, monologues from different plays with similar content, tieing them with some original writing. it was nicely built up.

    my part, is a teenage girl, agnus angst (maybe some of you might recognize that as lily tomlin and jane wagner's work...??), who has just been locked out of her house. she goes through an aray of ordeals, losing a friend, and becoming homeless. it was fun to display her character. =]

  8. even if you're slow, thank you critter! all the love, so much to give.. i wouldn't leave any out for the slow people. =]

  9. Taking a troupe to Amsterdam sounds like a great idea to me. [​IMG]
    Glad to hear it went off well. [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  10. dam sounds fun man

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