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Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Toryeharrison, Aug 3, 2017.

  1. So I have so many questions when it comes to mak in ng can butter. I made a batch yesterday in the crock pot. I did alot of research before I started. I followed the rules from start to end. After all was said and done ......nothing, nothing at all. This is what I did... I got 14 grams of hydro grinded it up put on a cookie sheet place it in the oven at 2:40 and baked it for 40 minutes while that was baking I got a crock pot out put 1 cup butter in the crock pot with one fourth of a cup of water when the butter was completely melted and the weed was done baking I put the weed inside the crock pot turned it on low put the lid on it and left it to cook for 10 hours on low stirring it occasionally. If you can see what I did wrong please help!!!!!

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  2. The only thing that comes to my mind, assuming your weed was good, was that it didn't get decarbed properly. Oven temps can vary wildly, do you have an oven thermometer to double check that it got up to that temp?
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    Your herb had maximum possible potency when you removed it from the oven after decarb. You could've just eaten some at this point, and gotten knocked out. The crockpot converted much/most of the thc into cbn, and ruined the potency. Crockpots are hazardous to the health of herb, and I've ruined several small test batches trying to make mine work.
    Here are some possible things to do next time:

    (1) Grind the herb to powder after decarb, and do one of the following
    (a) mix it into the oil of any recipe, bearing in mind that more heat after decarb degrades thc. The issue is how fast the degradation, and many people report successful brownie recipes cooking around 350 F for 30 min, but that scares me, possibly needlessly. I often use Betty Crocker cookie mixes.
    (b) mix the ground herb with any nut butter or nutella, let sit awhile, spread onto something, and eat.
    (c) let the herb soak for several hours at low heat (<130 F), then put into capsules.
    There will be slight herb taste for any of these, but maximum potency. This is by far the easiest thing to do (except for pills, which are difficult to fill).

    (2) Use 190 proof everclear to make strained tincture/feco, then add it to anything, including baking recipes. There will be near maximum potency (the longer the soak, the greater the potency), less herb taste, but much more effort.

    (3) Make strained oil/butter, but use very low heat (under 130 F) for several hours to try to get the oil to dissolve the thc out of the middles of those herb particles. The straining process will remove about half the thc, so keep the strained out sludge, and use it for something else, including putting it in capsules, and ingesting them to supercharge a dose.
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  4. You've gotten some good suggestions. As far as I can tell you just over cooked your cannabutter in the crockpot. It is true that making cannabutter leaves much of the goodies in the mash. You can avoid that by using all the cannabis as suggested above- making capsules or just incorporating the cannabis into your mix. Making a tincture, when done properly, will remove more of the good stuff and then you can do a simple solvent transfer.
    How many servings did you make? If you made them too weak that could be a problem, too. Better luck next time.
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    14 grams of weed needed just 3 tablespoons of oil. That's where you fucked it up. and forget using water as that just contaminates the oil. Sheesh where do people find screwy recipes like this ? Damn guys.
    Decarb weed (240 F for 40 Minutes)
    Mix with 3 tablespoons oil (Coconut is best) IMO
    Heat 220 F for 20 minutes, Freeze, Reheat.
    Crock pots need to be full up to work correctly. Partly filled they run way to hot and can burn out or catch fire and always ruin what's cooked if run partly filled.
    No thermostatic control means they just get hotter and hotter.
    A Toaster oven with a pair of cheap oven thermometers from the super market works best. Small stainless cat food dishes from the pet store are ideal for moving from oven to freezer without shattering..
    BrassNwood, Yesterday at 7:36 PM
    Picked up 10 pounds of dry ice and smashed up the rest of the spring harvest into dry ice hash.
    Weighed out two sets of 15 grams each
    3 tablespoons of Coconut oil and some granules and liquid lecithin in each bowl
    Decarbed hash (240 F for 40 minutes
    A bit of blending and it's the oven for 20 minutes at 220 F
    Heat, Freeze, Reheat and it blends up the lecithin granules completely and it's well homogenized.
    About 200 high grade Hash Caps done.
    Yesterdays production. Substitute weed for the hash and it's the exact same procedure.
    Hallucinating Hash Capsules for Hemp Heads
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  6. I use this procedure and it rocks. It's my go to caps recipe now. Just made some more a week ago actually and they hit freaking hard.

    Decarb ganja, mix with enough oil to make it soupy, add the lecithin, freeze and reheat twice and you're set.

    Then use a straw, eye dropper or tiny pipette to fill your caps and get the dose right. I don't fill them all up as I like to test the dose out. When I got it to where I like it I fill the rest and freeze them.

    BrassNwood and PSam really know their stuff. Look up their posts and you'll get sorted directly. Honestly though, once you get the decarb down you're set. More then that we are using the fats in the oil or butter to bind to the THC so that when eaten it hits faster because you don't have to digest all the fiberous crap. The lecithin acts as an emulsifier and helps the THC bind to fats so it hits harder.

    A good dose is a quarter of a gram to a half of a gram of decarbed ganja per person. It could be in a capsule, in a brownie or any other recipe.
  7. @Toryeharrison
    Sure we have.
    It's got the same issues as a crock pot does as it needs a minimum of 2 cups to run. I work in tablespoon amounts so it's another expensive useless toy.
    Good for making massive amounts of oil if your have that much weed to run.
    Even then I'd stick to my known toaster oven and duel thermometers.
    Found at the curb on trash day it needed 30 seconds to repair and has run for years making all my canna products. Decarb. Hash oil, RSO.
    Make mud pies. You can always thin down a really strong oil but if it's weak to start with all you can do is add more canna and cook again but that degrades the first batch.
    For new first time users start with just couple of drops per cap.
    Spend the first day finding out your personal happy spot.
    2 hours between additional doses
    The strengths I make are very predictable as I make the same ratios time and time again.
    RSO is 1/2 the strength of my hash oil so dosing again is predictable.
    RSO = 3 drops for day 6 drops to hammer you to sleep at night.
    Full strength hash oil = 1 drop is to much for my wife. Don't even ask how much I take per day. :)
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  8. Thank you so much for the advice. I really want to learn to cook with infused can. I'm going to write down what you said.

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