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  1. Fuck i was just readin this thread about super-evolved bugs, and u know wut i dont get.. is how come spiders are the scariest fuckin bugs there are man, like bee's are pretty scary only cuz they dont go away but fuckin spiders are the worst man im not a lil bitch but when i see a spider in my room decently sized ill flip the fuck out and run as far as i can.. anyone else like this it kinda creeps me out..
    anyways im gonna smoke a fat bowl of butter get right baaked n figure shit out on the forums
    peaces blades
  2. yeah big spiders scare the hell outta me, but i like to see little ones get eatin by my cats. and what does the thread have to do with butter?
  3. I hate spiders and those things like like 1,000,000 legs they just creep me out
  4. those r milipedes. and in africa and shit get huge and r poisonous, another bug I wouldnt wanna have a run in with

    and I know you were just exagerating
  5. Haha, yea what's with the butter part of the title?

    I hate spiders too, but I don't run, I kill those fuckers. It's weird that if a fly or a mosquito or even a big fat beetle lands on me I just brush it off, but if a spider lands on me I bug the fuck out like I'm having a seizure.
  6. ha ha i was on Galapagos, and in our cabins there were like 40+ spiders ranging from 4-8 inches in diameter... it was scary as shit, i woke up one night and one was on my pillow, i accidentally lit my hair on fire by leaning back over a candle.
  7. Why are so many concerned about bieng "lil bitches" or "punk bitches"? I see this as a recurring theme. Defending your masculinity before it's even questioned.
  8. I hate spider but im more scared of roaches. They creep the shit out of me. I have to get other people to kill them. Can't even look at them on tv.
  9. i dont know what it is but my buddies make some oil out of shake n its gold n we call it butter usually put it on a smoke cherry n fill up a 2L, hoot that u get fuuckeed
    kinda like yellow honey oil
    get baaaked blades baaaked
  10. i know someone that had a DREAM that there was a spider on his chest while he was in bed.. he woke up, and FLIPPED. he's got extreme arachnaphobia. upon falling out of bed, he broke his arm in attempt to break his fall.
  11. I know what cannabutter is, but what's it got to do with spiders?
  12. Just incase Ars comes into the thread...
  13. Spiders don't scare me, but they get me REALLY paranoid if I don't know exactly where the spider is. like I can't get over that I think ones on me.

    But there was TWO spiders in my lifetime that scared the fuckin shit outta me, and they were HUGE ones.

    Both times were at my rent's house.

    I was in the computer room, and I kept hearing this faint tapping sounds... it was annoying me like crazy, I didn't know what it was. Then as soon as I looked up i saw this massive beast! I immediately got up and ran out the room... but he fucking followed me! I saw him running across the ceiling coming after me... It freaked me out so bad, and even when I got out of the room, closed the door, and went to run down the stairs, I could still hear the tapping coming after me, but I think that part was in my head.

    Or when I was in the garage, already stoned. I go to go inside, but there was this thing from a bucket on the ground. I go pick it up, and I see as soon as i pick it up theres another massive freakin beast on it. I flipped out and tossed the thing, looked where i tossed it... and there was the spider, fuckin chasin back to me, and he was right by my feet already... I started hopping around like a fuckin crazed person, like people were shooting the ground at my feet. After I realized how stupid I looked, I bolted inside.

    Oh shit... that reminds me of a LOOOONNNNNGGG time ago back in like 6th grade. My mom had picked up me and my best friend from school (we lived right by eachother) and as soon as we got in, were driving off, I looked at my mom, and so did my friend and both of us said...
    "Donnnn't......... mooooooooveeeeee!"
    Immediately her expression changed... she was SCARED because she knew we weren't kidding from our tones. There was a spider upside down on the ceiling (w/e the panel above her head) DIRECTLY above her... musta been like 3 inches away. This was by far the biggest spider I have ever seen in person. My mom grabbed this oil-rag that was in the car and squished it, and you could hear all the crunching, it was nasty... it was so damn loud.
  14. lol god damn stop being pussies people

    spiders are the shit if you see one nicely get it scrambling on a twisted up bit of paper or whatever and move it where you can see it

    simple as fuck and you'll have zero insect problems once it settles in

    it's got 8 legs and a fuckload of eyes lol whats freaky bout that? I gotta agree with vic tho roaches just freak me out in a way nothing else can

    gotta figure it's the smell they give off..like once you see one you figure there are more and it's like a troop of micro skunks waiting to give off a funk the second you kill 'em or piss 'em off

    thankfully I have enough spiders chilling to catch everything and I've yet to see a single fly much less a roach in my crib
  15. Ehh... just paranoia takes over, ya know? Thinkin they're out to get you! haha

    And roaches... they don't scare me, they just give me this unshakable feeling of uncleanliness. Makes you wanna shower 6 or 7 times.
  16. ^ yeah it's a wtf greasy..funky nasty..wtf! feeling

    ants just piss me off cuz they're neverending lol but beyond that insects are straight I've had all sorts crawl on me during mushroom/lsd/dob/mdma trips so I don't have any sort of 'ahhhh' reaction to them

    spiders ain't out to get ya tho if you find one just do the paper twist deal 'n locate 'em near windows or corners

    in a weeks time you'll be happy as shit at how many bugs they keep outta your hair

    smoke 'em out as a reward and they'll pay loads in return and if any of 'em start getting sick cuz bugs just ain't coming their way feel free to pick a scab 'n soak a bit of paper towel in your own blood

    they'll eat that shit up 'n be yer bud for life after a smoke 'n feast session
  17. Notttt me, lol. I get so freaked out by insects if I'm high. I can almost always brush it off sober, mind the couple incidents, but when im high... all that turns into a crazed man scared for his life haha... well, that may be a bit of an exaggeration.

    Like when I toked it up w/ my dad on the golf course, and of course theres ALWAYS bees, wasps, etc... Me drivin the cart (which is a suprise in itself apart from my dad actually smoking with me. Really didn't think he would let me drive if we smoked) sittin there waitin for my dad to tee off... Wasp would NOT leave the cart alone, and I was BUGGIN about it. He started followin me too... I wound up like 30 feet from the cart haha. :D
  18. lmfao I've cared for wasps hornets yellow jackets 'n bees stung multiple times

    when it comes to bees ...the joy is being able to jack their asses for yummy ass real honey after being stung like 20 times over the course of caring for 'em

    lol it's like 'fuck you bitches ya'll would be frozen to death if I didn't bring you inside set ya up with a nesting area and cope with you stinging me so fuck you thats MYgod damn honey going on MY god damn toast mother fuckers'
  19. this man likes his honey. :cool:
    not to thread-jack, but what exactly does "Ars Moriendi" mean? :wave:

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