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Butter Prices?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by DigitalAids, Feb 11, 2011.

  1. Hey whats up, I'm just wondering what the prices are on butter and how many grams you would get for 20 bucks, I thought it was a gram but I jus wanted to clarify cause I got a connect that I'm buyin some off of tomorrow.
  2. there really are no set prices. because you dont know exactly what your buying. you could buy a tub full of butter cooked with a zip of dank, you could be buying one with a gram of schwag. hell you could just be buying straight up butter.

    honestly if it were me, i would just buy my own weed and make the butter myself. i wouldnt go through with it unless you know the guy pretty well and KNOW that he wont rip you off.

    happy toking :smoke:
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    If by butter you mean Marijuana, a lot of people say $20 to the gram for dank, but I only pay $15 to the gram for medical from a friend so...I don't know, I guess it depends on your area. Just see what your dealer gives you, if he gives you less then a gram say "Yo boy, thats not enough brah"

    If your talking about weed butter...make it yourself, its easy.
  4. Are you talking about weed butter? I've never heard of people buying grams of butter, but It all depends on the potency. Unfortunately there is easy way to tell the potency unless you made it... or you ate it.
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    Ye it's legit though. I've had a couple of people tell me it's good shit so far, my friend said he tried it and he was fucked off two tokes.

    Oh and yeah I'm talking about weed butter.

    Also it's 10 dollars a gram here for dank bud, you're gettin ripped off son.
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  6. you don't smoke weed butter bro, you eat it.
  7. correct.
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    Welp, I was doing research on the internet and it seems that way, everyone around here calls it butter though...like legit everyone says they smoke butter??? There's honeyoil too but people claim that butter is better and gets you higher.

    Edit: TURNS OUT I'M TALKING ABOUT BUDDER, google image it.
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    butter is just whipped bho and/or quiso. you add heat and whip the bho/quiso, its helps purge the excess butane from the oil and makes it more malleable . if its any good (medicinal quality) it ranges from 40-70 bucks a gram. its cheaper to make yourself.
  10. butter is not better then honey oil

    at the clinic cannabutter is 15 dollars per 1/4 stick. 1/4 stick = about 10 good doses for me. i think they use 1lb butter + 1oz sugar leaf.
  11. Or don't look at my edited post, Budder not butter, budder look it up on google images. Don't type butter, it's budder it does make a difference. Shit looks like intense version of honey oil so ye it probably is better.
  12. read my post. jesus. its not better, its the same thing, just purged and whipped.
  13. Cannabutter is for baking, you don't fuckin bake with budder. Please just look up budder before you comment back because there's a distinct difference between both. Budder is pure thc, well almost about 97% says information I found on google.
  14. you can bake with budder to. noob
  15. I usually get I Cant Believe it's Not Butter for around .20 a gram but the green budda its like 10 bucks a gram.
  16. Its not something that is often sold.
    Buy it from a friend if he makes some or something, otherwise you don't know how potent it would be.
    You would want to buy a stick at least for baking (you use it like regular butter) and the priced would depend on the quality of green used.

  17. Alright well you can cook with budder, it just wouldn't really be practical, I'd much rather smoke it before ingesting it.

    Also thanks man, 10 a gram? I think it's 20 here. Not sure though I could prolly talk him down.
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    I'm talking stuff from a dispensary, not just dank bud.

    Either way, if someone pays $15 for 1G of dank they may not be getting ripped off. Prices are different everywhere. Example? Some people pay $40 for 1/8th, some people pay $50 for 1/8th, some even pay $60 for 1/8th.

    Btw, if your Dank isn't fucking you up off a single hit, your not getting dank.
  19. its more that 10-20 if not somebody is retarded and u should buy it all.

  20. Fair enough, I know Washington is 40 an eighth. I get an eighth for 25 bucks here. Rarely you'll have to pay 30 for a bag of really good dank but I live in BC. Also ye I saw on another thread someone could get a gram for 45, damn. Anyways ima peace it to bed thanks for the help.

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