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  1. hey after seeing everybodyon this forum and how they say they use vector butane, i decided im going to switch from london or calabri to vector, but the problem is were to find it,
    Does anybody know were to find vector butane in the southern alberta area?
  2. just call all the tobacco shops in your area and ask what brands they carry.
  3. i called every single one doesnt carry it.. its weird.
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    * Colibri
    * Colton
    * Cora
    * CTC
    * Davidoff
    * David Ross
    * Dunhill
    * IMCO
    * K2
    * King
    * Lava
    * Lucienne
    * Newport
    * Sarome
    * Silver Match
    * Unilight
    * Vector
    * Win
    All safe brands of butane for hash oil.

    And I'd never pay more than $5 for 300ml
    Luciene is the best "cheap brand" but butane prices fluctuate like gas prices. Sometimes it's $3, other times it's $6
  5. its not sold in my area, so i buy cases off ebay.:smoke:
  6. NOTHING at all wrong with using Calibri....

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