Butane possibly trapped in BHO

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  1. Hi guys: newbie here. Not sure if this is the right location, but I figured the oil heads would be here.

    I made some BHO the other day: about 2 ounces of shake and bud, passed 3 cans of butane though it, and boiled it outside using a double boiler with hot water, then I finished it off on the electric stove, again with the double boiler. After that I put the glass dish right on the heating element to evaporate the last of the butane. It got real thick and dark (like amber - see picture). Before that it had a foamy texture to it. I kept whipping it up and putting it on the heat, then taking it off. It got to the point where it went from foamy liquid to something that solidified to the texture of hard toffee: the kind that softens up ion your hands. I was going for oil, and I think I ended up with some kind of shatter. When it cools down - say 15 deg C, 60 Deg F, it hardens like the hardest shatter.

    What concerns me is that every time I smoke it (in a vaporizer), it makes me cough. It doesn't matter if I take a big hit or a small one: I always cough.

    So, I'm concerned that I may still have some trapped butane in my BHO whatever (not sure what to call it)[​IMG]

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  2. Does the vape taste plant like, or like rubber death? Is the coughing from it being "good" is what I mean. The nose knows, if wax ain't purged very well it smells off, especially when dabbed at a high temp! Looks good, what type of screen or filter did you use?

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  3. Thats quite the shape you chose ;)
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  4. Closer to what it should taste like./ I'm not sure if there is an aftertaste. I think so - but not 100% sure. I used two coffee filters., and very clean triple-filtered butane.
    I've never heard of good coughing from oil or other. Even half tokes makes me cough. What do you think of the colour?
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  5. I just pulled it apart so you could see the colour. :D
  6. Assuming I didn't purge it properly, how would one purge it some more in Its present state?
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    OK, I just took a couple hits and I noticed that my throat burns after. It goes down nice, but has a harsh finish.
  8. Take a little tiny bit, hold a lighter upto it...If you see fireworks, there is probably butane leftover....Also sounds like there was no vac purge in your process which I think helps get a lot of butane out... I have been wanting to make some of my own oil lately but think if I do I am just going to get a rosin press, I have seen some that are meant for small 1 g batches going for under $500
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  9. Stick it on a silicone mat and place in toaster oven 120-150 degrees, you will see bubbles, running a flame along the top will let the top layer flow releasing and popping the bubbles of butane

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  10. Yes, I have made do with a heating pad or reptile heat mat (low temp was what I was going for like 110-120f) and poke poke poking the bubbles. I have not vac purged and thus not run BHO much, I do think it would supply the piece of mind if I went that way in the future, no matter how clean the butane is. Mystery oil is scary and I am too concerned especially about contaminants that are concentrated into the end matter, that is why I gravitate towards dry ice or bubble hash for ingestible goods when I can, especially for patients like me with compromised immune systems.

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